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Day: March 29, 2011

Real-Time Radiation..  It's In America Now!Fukushima

Real-Time Radiation.. It's In America Now!

A resident from Tokyo posted a video of his current issues with the radiation. The Japanese Government claims that everything…
Traffic Cameras: Government Surveillance?Big Brother

Traffic Cameras: Government Surveillance?

Well recently my town and many other surrounding. towns have been installing these new “Traffic Control Cameras” What ever that…
Japan Is Evacuating!! Breaking News!!!More News

Japan Is Evacuating!! Breaking News!!!

This is breaking news people!!!! Japan is starting to evacuate people! They are telling the citizens to get sticky tape…
Implants Removed From AbducteesConspiracy or Not

Implants Removed From Abductees

Dr. Roger Leir has been removing extraterritorial implant from patients for a couple years now. Most of the abductees know…