Day: June 23, 2011

12 Facts About Military Spending…Interesting News

12 Facts About Military Spending…

America spends more on its military than 15 Countries Combined.
The Great Flood of 2011Interesting News

The Great Flood of 2011

If you haven’t heard anything about the flooding in the Central U.S; it’s because the Mainstream Media has been ‘blacked-out’
Lots of FAA No-Fly Zones?Interesting News

Lots of FAA No-Fly Zones?

There is something weird happening in the United States… There has been a lot of sightings of military equipment being
RadNet Data for Omaha, Nebraska & States Close By…Interesting News

RadNet Data for Omaha, Nebraska & States Close By…

Now there has been a lot articles about the recent disaster in Nebraska… Below I included all the RadNet data