Month: July 2011

The Magnetic Pole Shift…The Unknown

The Magnetic Pole Shift…

A geomagnetic reversal, which is sometimes called a “polar reversal” or a “pole shift”, is a change in the Earth’s
15 Facts About The Wealth And Inequality In AmericaInteresting News

15 Facts About The Wealth And Inequality In America

The gap between the top 1% and everyone else hasn’t been this bad since the Roaring Twenties
Disinformation & Propaganda…Featured News

Disinformation & Propaganda…

Disinformation is a relatively a new method within the Government and the Mainstream Media… The elites and our government has
The Mothman MysteryThe Unknown

The Mothman Mystery

Mothman History The first sighting came in the early 1960s. A woman was driving along Route 2, near the Ohio
20 Facts About Taxes..Interesting News

20 Facts About Taxes..

Americans spend 7.6 billion hours each year doing their taxes.