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Day: January 10, 2012

Girl Sneaks Into Russian Military Rocket Factory, Takes Amazing PhotosInteresting News

Girl Sneaks Into Russian Military Rocket Factory, Takes Amazing Photos

BY JESUS DIAZ Gizmodo Her name is Lana Sator and she snuck into one of NPO Energomash factories outside of Moscow. Her
Jesse Ventura: CIA implanted in State GovernmentNWO

Jesse Ventura: CIA implanted in State Government

In this video Jesse talks about: - The CIA implanted in State Government. - His interrogation by 23 members of

French Scandal Exposes Global Corruption

Sourced by According to a 2004 study by the World Bank Institute, $1 trillion is paid every year

Polish prosecutor shoots himself in the head at news conference You would have to be braindead to think this guy did not have something to hide for some powerful

Apple in 2012 just like 1984: Leaked Memo Says Apple Provides Backdoor To Governments “In a tweet early this morning, cybersecurity researcher Christopher Soghoianpointed to an internal memo of India’s Military Intelligence that has been liberated

Bill Cohan: Wall Street Has Been A Cartel Since The 1940’s

Sourced by After most recently addressing his ire at the mental instability of the executives running Wall Street’s major institutions,

Air-powered vehicles…They said it couldn’t be done. 21 year old proving scientific know-it-all’s wrong

Sourced by The future of motorcycling is up in the air. Design student Dean Benstead has produced a