23 Extreme Left-wing Ideas in the Democrats’ Draft 2020 Platform

Democrats have circulated a draft of their proposed 2020 platform. In its present form, it would be the most left-wing platform in the history of U.S. presidential politics.

Amidst much verbiage, it includes many extremist ideas, including:

  1. “Systemic racism.”
  2. Rejoining the Paris Climate Accords.
  3. Declaring housing a “right.”
  4. Repealing right-to-work laws.
  5. “Card check.”
  6. Raising taxes.
  7. Medicare for All.
  8. Cutting police.
  9. Gun control.
  10. Preventing arrests at school.
  11. Reparations for slavery.
  12. Federal funding for abortion.
  13. Green bonanza
  14. Restricting political speech.
  15. D.C. statehood.
  16. Stopping the border wall.
  17. “Path to citizenship” for illegal aliens.
  18. Restricting charter schools and ending vouchers.
  19. Rejoining the UN Human Rights Council.
  20. Net Neutrality.
  21. End the China “trade war.”
  22. Returning to the Iran deal.
  23. Paying Palestinian terrorists.

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