Assange says 911 used to launch big brother state

Assange would call Alex Jones a loony conspiracy theorist for saying 911 was an inside job to launch a big brother police state, but here is Assange saying 911 has been used as a platform to launch a big brother police state?!?

Mr Assange, If Alex is so loony, why are you copying his conspiracy theories? You are just twisting it to suit your angle removing the ‘911 was an inside job’ part of it so you can suck up to the pathetic M$M.

WikiLeaks on Thursday released a study of the brisk global trade in surveillance products, which founder Julian Assange claimed exposes a broad risk to peoples’ privacy, while also continuing work on a revamped submissions platform.

Assange said the study, which encompasses 160 companies in 25 countries, was undertaken as part of an obligation to sources for the whistle-blowing website, which has not accepted online submissions for more than a year following security concerns.

Included with the study are 287 documents that Assange said illustrate “the reality of the international mass surveillance industry.” WikiLeaks called the release “The Spy Files,” and said it shows how Western countries are selling advanced tools that are used by repressive countries. More files will be released later this week and more earlier in the year.

The terrorist attacks of September 2001 in the U.S. have proved to be a license for European countries, the U.S., Australia, South Africa and others to develop “spying systems that affect all of us,” Assange said.

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