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Experiments Conducted By U.S GovernmentConspiracy or Not

Experiments Conducted By U.S Government

One of the most well known experiments was the Stanford prison experiment. “They” got a group of people and made…
Radiation Found in Milk & Water.. Food SoonFood & Health News

Radiation Found in Milk & Water.. Food Soon

Radiation from Japan rained on Berkeley during recent storms at levels that exceeded drinking water standards by 181 times and…
Fossil Record Supports Evidence Of Impending Mass ExtinctionScience & Space

Fossil Record Supports Evidence Of Impending Mass Extinction

By ScienceDaily Oct. 24, 2007 Global temperatures predicted for the coming centuries may trigger a new ‘mass extinction event’, where
Unusual Facts About The Moon…..The Unknown

Unusual Facts About The Moon…..

The moon is far older than previously expected. Maybe even older than the Earth or the Sun. The oldest age…
The Bush Administration HomicidesWar News

The Bush Administration Homicides

By John Sifton For five years as a researcher for Human Rights Watch and reporter, John Sifton helped investigate homicides
The McMartin Nightmare And The Hysteria PuppeteersRandom News

The McMartin Nightmare And The Hysteria Puppeteers

BY Katherine Ramsland How It Began In legal tradition, it is the province of the judge to determine whether an
The All Seeing Eye is Everywhere!NWO

The All Seeing Eye is Everywhere!

The Eye of Providence (or the All-Seeing Eye of God) is a symbol showing an eye often surrounded by rays…
Police & Courts Are UnconstitutionalPolice State

Police & Courts Are Unconstitutional

Today I was on my way home and the police department was setting up a Police Checkpoint right in the…
EPA to Raise "Safe" Limits for Radiation ExposureMore News

EPA to Raise "Safe" Limits for Radiation Exposure

If you thought the EPA was out there to help the citizens… Well you were wrong!!! Why did they just…
The Marijuana ConspiracyConspiracy or Not

The Marijuana Conspiracy

As you know that the government has been blocking the legalization of Marijuana for decades. Its the alcohol and tobacco…
Real-Time Radiation..  It's In America Now!Fukushima

Real-Time Radiation.. It's In America Now!

A resident from Tokyo posted a video of his current issues with the radiation. The Japanese Government claims that everything…
Traffic Cameras: Government Surveillance?Big Brother

Traffic Cameras: Government Surveillance?

Well recently my town and many other surrounding. towns have been installing these new “Traffic Control Cameras” What ever that…
Japan Is Evacuating!! Breaking News!!!More News

Japan Is Evacuating!! Breaking News!!!

This is breaking news people!!!! Japan is starting to evacuate people! They are telling the citizens to get sticky tape…
Implants Removed From AbducteesConspiracy or Not

Implants Removed From Abductees

Dr. Roger Leir has been removing extraterritorial implant from patients for a couple years now. Most of the abductees know…
Sphere Sculptures Across the GlobeConspiracy or Not

Sphere Sculptures Across the Globe

These Sphere Sculptures have been popping up all across the world without any media coverage or any type of information…
The Nuclear & Economic Melt-Down!!!Conspiracy or Not

The Nuclear & Economic Melt-Down!!!

We need to prepare for the upcoming Nuclear and Global Economic Melt Down which is in the process as we…
TV and Movies Predict the FutureNWO

TV and Movies Predict the Future

When a movie depicts the future will it become reality? It seems that if anything is featured in a movie
Have You Had a Bloodly Nose Lately?Fukushima

Have You Had a Bloodly Nose Lately?

Well since this Japan Radiation I have been told by a great group of people that they are getting Nose