Axis of logic not so logical – Would prefer WW3 and a banker demolition job over Ron Paul

The left wing disappoints me. They did not write it, but they certainly agree with it.

It takes a German paper to state the obvious about the GOP presidential race

Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann has fallen off the wagon, although she’s still tolerated as if she’s a serious contender. Ron Paul’s fan club gets the more excited, the more puzzling his comments get. Jon Huntsman, the only one who occasionally makes some sort of sense, has been relegated to the poll doldrums ever since he showed sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators

You would think that with so much at stake for America the left wing site would see some sense and support Ron Paul.

They pretend they are anti-war and anti-banks. I say pretend because Ron Paul would tear down US militarism and end the Federal Reserve but they cannot bring themselves to support him.

Why? Well, because some socialists literally choke on the idea of a government not being there to save them from every problem they have in life. But can’t they put that aside? America is on the verge of collapse. We all need to focus on what we do agree on the most.

Under a libertarian government, the socialists would be free to form their own socialist communities. I am not sure if they understand Ron Paul and his positions, they just think he is like Mitt Romney or someone like that because he says big government is bad. Well, big government IS bad, it’s just that when Ron Paul says it, he means it unlike his other republican counterparts.

Big government is exactly what has lead to this mess. I myself don’t agree with all of Ron Paul’s positions, I believe capitalism IS better than socialism but capitalism is also fundamentally flawed. It relies on a holy trinity. Crap products are made that always need replacing which creates demand for new products which creates demand for labour. But that means we are endlessly building things that we don’t need to – in the name of chasing $$$. Is that the best we can do? Why would we want to spend our lives doing this? You only live once?

Humans will have to do better, but until then Ron Paul is the only hope to end the rampant US militarism and the banker takeover. He is closer to achieving that than Ralph Nader ever was.

I really hope the left can see some sense and tell their people to get behind Ron Paul. What the hell has Obama done for them? Obama has been worse than Bush, he only ‘sounds’ better because he has more than 2 brain cells firing. Ron Paul would actually help them achieve many of their goals, but they would prefer WW3 to erupt so they can whine about it.

Do they think that only socialists can be good people? If you think there is another way to a better world than them, do they think you must be evil or something?

If progressives cannot see some sense and use Ron Paul to achieve some of their goals (as opposed to achieving none of them) then America is doomed for the elite will have won.

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