Blackout in Vatican, Roads blocked in Rome – Was Pope Arrested?

According to several reports on social media, the Vatican, a city-state surrounded by Rome, Italy is facing a blackout.

Initially, the news about Vatican blackout was reported after a livestream was spotted on a YouTube channel of Vatican News. The Vatican News is a verified YouTube channel that posts news and reports about the Pope and the holy city.

Officially, there is no confirmation of what has caused Vatican city to go into a blackout. Some reports on social media cite technical power outage while several users are quoting a conspiracy theory that says, “Vatican in black out after affidavit was leaked of the Italians involvement in US election Interference.”

However, Vatican city is not the only place that has been reported to hit by a blackout. Earlier today, the entire country of Pakistan including its biggest cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad faced complete darkness after the country’s Guddu power plant developed a fault. The fault caused the country’s high transmission lines to trip.

A user on Twitter wrote, “Hours long very unusual power outage in Pakistan’s large cities as well as in the Vatican in Rome Italy.”

One user tweeted, “So the entire country of Pakistan is in a power blackout. The Vatican is in a power blackout. I read – have not confirmed – that Pakistan was in league with Italy for election interference. If true – methinks something of a Military nature is underfoot.”

“Tonight there has been a blackout in the Vatican and another in Pakistan. Something weird is going on,” said another user on Twitter.

Now there are some conflicting reports about the blackout, according to one report, all lights were on and stayed on all night, the blackout was witnessed because the live stream camera’s auto-exposure focused in on the lampposts and dimmed the recorded image. There was also massive road blocks seen on maps last night; so how do they explain that?

Was The Pope Arrested, Or Just a Conspiracy?

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Military officers, Italian police, and their Sex Crimes Unit went to the pope’s home in the Vatican, they arrested him and several other high ranking officials, and placed them all under arrest without incident. People near the scene have reported hearing gunshots, but the Police would not confirm if they were the ones firing the weapons.

Pope Francis is currently being held in an unknown prison, being interrogated by Federal Agents working for the state of Italy and Interpol. The FBI is reportedly making arrangements to fly in and interrogate him once Interpol is done with him.

Giuseppe Governale, Italy’s chief anti-mafia prosecutor, was called in early into the investigation into Pope Francis and others within the Vatican. He said the group was “underestimated” and particularly dangerous because of its ability to proliferate across nations and infiltrate them.

“These individuals are truly the worst of the worst in society. I can promise you, we will not stop targeting human trafficking until we put a stop to this despicable trade in the Vatican and Italy, as well as surrounding countries around Europe. While I am a lead prosecutor in Italy, my department will strive to protect our citizens, especially those that need us most, our children”.

Giuseppe Governale

In order to make the arrest, police and military agents had to cut off the power in the Vatican, as well as dim the live cam. This was noticed by web-sleuths, who quickly became suspicious of what was happening in the Vatican.

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