British government shows they have no real interest in solar or green jobs

Big brother doesn’t want people to be free of energy shackles. You have an oligarchy to serve slave!

“Giving society cheap, abundant energy . . . would be the equivalent of; giving an idiot child a machine gun.” Paul Ehrlich, Stanford University

This article shows they don’t give a damn about the crap they preach. They just want to lie that you pollute the earth with what you breathe out so undesirable political agendas can be rammed down your throat while they extract more $$$ out of you.

Many green solar power panel projects have been cancelled because of the government’s decision to cut the feed in tariff that energy providers pay to those that generate their own power.

But not only has the government surprised the industry by deciding to halve the feed in tariff (FIT) rate, it has also brought forward the plan to December the 12th instead of the end of the financial year in March.

The feed in tariff (FIT) had made it economically feasible for those with the money to invest in solar power panels and achieve a 6% to 8% p.a. return on their investment by saving on their electricity bills as well as receiving the FIT for the following 25 years.

But it also made it possible for those who could not previously afford to have the fitted to ‘rent’ out their roofs. The company fitting the panels gets the FIT and the homeowner gets the free electricity.

But the FIT had been calculated using the cost of the panels and now that the cost has vastly reduced the return being made was, according to the energy secretary, Chris Huhne, ‘frankly luscious’.

This has caused many councils, who were planning to put these on the roofs of low earners, to cancel their plans. This could cost them a lot of money, maybe hundreds of millions.

This has obviously had the further devastating effect on the many companies that were growing in response to the demand that the FIT generated. Many ‘green jobs’ will now go as a result.

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