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The Burzynski Cancer Cure

Cancer is one of the most deadly forms of disease in the world! The worst part about cancer is that they haven’t found a cure for it yet.. Until now! Dr. Burzynski is the only one that can say that he has found a cure for this mysterious disease..

Cancer is a large, heterogeneous class of diseases in which a group of cells display uncontrolled growth, invasion that intrudes upon and destroys adjacent tissues, and often metastasizes, where the tumor cells spread to other locations in the body via the lymphatic system or through the bloodstream. These three malignant properties of cancer differentiate malignant tumors from benign tumors, which do not grow uncontrollably, directly invade locally, or metastasize to regional lymph nodes distant body sites like brain, bone, liver, or other organs.Researchers divide the causes of cancer into two groups: those with an environmental cause, and those with a hereditary genetic cause.

Watch This Movie First

Below is a compete transcript of the video above.. I have included all the information for people to research into Burzynski and his cancer treatment.. If you know anyone with cancer; Please don’t use the toxic chemotherapy treatment and have him cure your deadly cancer..

Congressional Subcommittee- February 29, 1996

“We had to wear gloves to change her diaper, Her urine was toxic. Second degree burns from chemotherapy… Free of cancer from Burzynski.. But the FDA and Doctors don’t like it.. 52 cases and only Kristen survived cancer free, but she died from bad advice. The FDA is not looking out for the people, the Constitution says life in the beginning..”

He made the most important discovery in cancer treatment. He was a Polish immigrant who graduated first in his class at Lublin Medical Academy.. He got a PHD in Biochemistry. He found a new strain of human peptides in human urine and blood. People without cancer had an abundance of these peptides and he theorized that if he used them on a cancer patient; it would maybe cure caner..

Now you might say gross but woman have been swallowing horse urine for decades now. His treatment is called Antineoplaston therapy, which targets the certain genes that cause cancer growth. There are over 25 medications right now that are gene target therapy but none work because they only work on a few genes. The difference between cancer patients and non-cancer patients is that: They have more Oncogenes with less tumor suppressor genes. The goal is to switch on and off these two types of genes.. The reason why some get cancer and some don’t because some of us have protective systems which successfully turns the genes on and off..

Brain cancer is the worst of all cancers but he can cure it! A lady named Jodi Fenton (Gold-Name Change) She was an stage 3 brain cancer patient and she only had 5 years of life left.. Many of the doctors she went to, the doctors claimed Burzynski was a hoax.. After the Antineoplaston treatment, she only had scar tissue left.. She was cured of brain cancer! The FDA states that you must have chemotherapy before you can use Dr. Burzynski treatment.. Doesn’t that seem like a scam? They don’t want you to have the best treatment possible.. And which could actually cure your! Here is some quick facts:

5 of 54 (9%) Cancer Free with chemotherapy
5 or 20 (25%) With Neoplasim with no toxic side effects

Jessica Russel

This girl had Brainstem Glioma– Surgery wasn’t an option; she was quoted 8-18 months only but she lived! Here is the mainstream healthcare treatment: They beam a laser in your ears, which destroys the pituitary gland, it burns yours ears which makes you deaf, or you could end up having permanent retardation. During two months she improved over 50%, and then tumor disappeared.. It returned after awhile but after doubling the medicine it was gone again and then after a couple more treatments she only had scar tissue left of this dangerous tumor! She’s now 24 years old and has two kids which are healthy!

Not a lot of doctors don’t like Burzynski.. Even in the FDA trials, they found out that everyone that was on Burzynski medicine lived longer and was happy without the side effects. It’s still not 100% effective but he’s still working on it!

Kelsey Hill

She had many types of cancer in her Lungs, Abdomen, and her Liver.. Everyone dismisses Dr Burzynski when people want to try his treatment. Chemotherapy is an old procedure which is highly toxic.. After starting the Neoplasim therapy; every tumor in her body disappeared and only has scar tissue left.. Now that’s just amazing, these are only a few cases of people who have been cured of cancer by this treatment..

But the Pharmaceutical companies don’t you to know the truth. This is why no companies have given any money to Dr Burzynski and his clinical trials. It cost him over 15 million dollars just to prove that his method is much better that today’s ‘treatment’ of cancer. It will never happen because it’s a money-maker already and people keep dying with cancer! Think about it, you got wristbands, walks and nonprofit organizations trying to help. But yet it always go to the same pharmaceutical companies and yet medicine is the most profitable business ever..

Here are the outdated treatments:

Mitotane Chemotherapy

Doxorubicin Chemotherapy

Etoposide Chemotherapy

Cisplatin Chemotherapy

The FDA is a ‘gate keeper’ for the medial field because you have to patent all drugs before people can use them.. The FDA is no longer the same, and now the pharmaceutical companies which are paying the salary’s of the FDA employees.. It treats the companies as the users not the citizens. The application fee for new cancer drugs is over one million dollars! Now it only takes 6 months to get cancer drugs approved but Dr Burzynski has not been able to approve his drug since 1997.. So what’s the deal?

At the time he wanted to create his own cancer research company but he could only keep his research in Texas because he would be violating laws if he crossed state lines.. But after a lot of people came to Texas, the state medical board examiners threatened the patients to file complaints about Dr Burzynski.. Why do they want to stop him in his tracks? He had to show the board results before they could leave him alone… He showed them twice as many results as they wanted.. They never responded to him and two years later they came back and revoked is licenses in the state of Texas and they claimed that his results were not effective. May 24, 1993 the case went to trial..

Even the cancer institute chief of radiation testified and said he said he never seen anything like that. Many of his patients testified and it was just heartbreaking.. I don’t know why these people want to deny people of great health care.. He won the case and he was able to continue his treatment.. The law doesn’t apply to doctors that make their own medicine to use on their own patients.. But once again he was in court. (1995) They dismissed the case and then he was in the Supreme Court.. They ordered him to serve a probation; which he did but once again he was in another court room.. Later it was found out that the FDA was pushing the Texas medical state board to revoke his medical license. They tried to get rid of him by putting him in prison!

Even the Director of the FDA stated:

“I never have and never will approve a new drug to an individual but only a large pharmaceutical firm with unlimited finances.”

Seems like there is a monopoly within in the medical field.. They gave him a letter stating that he must begin a propaganda campaign to discredit his ‘new drug’ or get prosecuted.. Then the FDA raided his office! Why are they trying to silence the truth?! The FDA is complaining that they don’t know if it’s safe but yet they give you treatments that are way worse, than they want you to believe..

The FDA is threatening the patients, by contacting everyone that has ever been in his office.. They are trying to scare people in not doing business with him.. How much money has the FDA sent trying to keep his discovery a secret? Every single patient of Burzynski came to the stand in Washington D.C and gave there story.. The most compelling story was a native from a Communist nation and he said they never denied anyone care in his country and how can they do this in America?!

After all those court hearings, Burzynski was indicted on November 20, 1995! Charged with 75 counts of fraud and violating federal law. If convicted he was face a maximum of 290 years in prison with fines up to 18,500,000… Not to mention what would happen to his patients: DEATH! All the patients testified AGAIN for over the fifth time. I guess none of these people have hearts? They should allow Dr Burzynski to treat his cancer patients.

Later on the FDA finally allowed everyone to enter into the second clinical trial.. His life sentence was dismissed and it was the first time the FDA ever tried to imprison someone for following federal rules.. The wars were still going on between the two parties and it cost the government and taxpayers over 60 million dollars and cost Burzynski over 2 million dollars.

After he was dismissed, The FDA took him back to court but dropped 40 of the charges.. So why are they still trying to fight him? He was finally acquitted of all charges.. He decided to pattern with two pharmaceutical companies in Japan and Italy.. (But failed due to lack of cooperation with FDA) Later he treated a family member of a high-ranking pharmaceutical company and then he got his financing and credibility to get it FDA approved. But Elan with-drawled from the contract and he was in the same boat again! Many cancer institutes were beginning the research into Anaplastic treatment.. Which means he would get government money to research but that same company (Elan) who screwed him, but that same company went behind his back and took that same chemical Phenylacetate and still wasn’t able to do everything that Dr. Burzynski couldn’t. He found out that his competitors drug was not as effective because it only targeted only a few genes..

Dr Burzynski predicted that someone would ‘hijack’ his theory and create a toxic alternative which would be approved by the FDA.. The national cancer institute blackmailed him until he would give them the Anaplastics.. They went behind his back against and altered the protocols and Burzynski was screwed by the national cancer center.. They were not sending any data to anyone including Burzynski himself.. The company was scared of sending medial records, because of massive fluid retention.. They closed the case before any results were published to discredit the anaplastic treatment.. The cancer institute published false data in a newsletter.. The fluid retention was caused by the neglect of the National cancer institute.. So they gave the patients lower doses to forge the results and say that Burzynski method doesn’t work.. They pretty much killed those patients.. If they gave the doses as Burzynski said; they would have been cured of cancer!

Later a letter came out stating that his “invention” was being patented by the US Government for their needs only.. Burzynski has patents on his discovery and the Elan Company along with the Government re-patented Burzynski discovery. They filed 11 extended patents but Michael Friendman left the Cancer Society after and became head of the FDA… (Surprise!) Later they arrested Burzynski and approved all 11 patents.. Pretty much they claimed they invented the same thing as Burzynski did awhile ago.. .
It’s a monopoly… If you wanted to create something anymore, a big corporation will take over it and you will be left with nothing.. This man discovered a cure for cancer and these people are robbing him of his intelligence and hard work. Not many people heard about this Dr or this method! We need everyone to know the truth and how to cure cancer.. Is the government trying to cover it up because they are the ones who created his deadly diseases? He has to pay 300 millions dollars to get this drug approved.. Does that sound right? No; but this story doesn’t stop there! The mainstream media has covered up this story.. You wont find this story on any other website!

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Antineoplaston Treatments

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