City Blue Imaging Services Didn’t Print Ballots

This building doesn’t have many windows?

Many people are online posting that this fire was suspicious because this so called City Blue Imaging Services printed ballots for the 2020 election but there is a lack of proof to this claim. Ill post what I found which was weird on the owners facebook but first lets start with the actual story in the news:

Large Fire Destroys Rochester Printing Business

A huge fire in downtown Rochester has destroyed a longtime printing business. The fire caused the front of the City Blue Imaging Services building to collapse in the overnight hours. Spectrum News cameras captured that scary moment.

Firefighters say a passerby called in the fire at City Blue Imaging Services on Scio Street around 10:30 p.m. Thursday. The two-story building was soon filled with smoke and flames. They say because of the size of the building and limited entry, it was quickly escalated to a three-alarm fire and all firefighters evacuated the building.

Fleming says because of the chemicals and paper inside the printing company’s building it was a dangerous and difficult fire to fight. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.


This is the video screenshot which many are claiming to be the proof of the ballots that this company created:

Okay this isn’t ballots of any kind; it actually a background for a press conference by the Monroe County Democratic Committee which can be seen in this video on Facebook. So don’t believe the half-truth which some accounts like to push; this doesn’t mean there is nothing shady going on with the company or those who work there? Well I did find some interesting things on the owners facebook page; he’s very into the all seeing eye it seems… Here is some photos; make your own conclusions with this one:

Now that’s some strange photos; makes me wonder if he is an occultist? I also find it interesting that Hillary is also seen on his facebook page. The image in question all shows he is working with the democratic party to at least print stuff, but ballots? This information is not verified but none the less it’s still strange his place burned down? Or could it have been an accident? Does Lin Wood know more than whats available in public domain? Maybe they really did print ballots? We many never know….

UPDATE: I did find the company which was in charge for printing the ballots and it was located in Rochester, NY which is similar as the place that burned down. Well Ill quote what I found in the news:

Mr. Ryan said the problem was caused by Phoenix Graphics, a commercial printing company based in Rochester, N.Y., that was hired to mail absentee ballots to Brooklyn and Queens. He said during the Tuesday meeting that the vendor would bear the cost of sending new ballots to potentially affected voters. Sal DeBiase, the president and chief executive at Phoenix Graphics, did not reply to multiple requests for comment from Times reporters.