Company creates disinfectant-spritzing drones to kill coronavirus in stadiums

We all want sports to come back. Apparently, the folks at Syracuse, New York-based startup EagleHawk really, really want sports to come back.

EagleHawk, a tech company specializing in drones, created a drone that sprays disinfectant across large indoor spaces like sports arenas to kill the coronavirus.

The company is marketing its new drones to college, major-league and minor-league sports facilities and “getting strong interest,” CEO Patrick Walsh told

According to EagleHawk’s website, it would send a team to the venue to operate the drones and work closely with the facility’s staff.

“We only use disinfectant chemicals approved by the EPA and New York DEC for effectiveness against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and our process places the highest priority on safety of personnel and protection of facility equipment,” the website says.

Disinfecting surfaces inside a stadium before an event would not address the potential problem of a COVID-19 carrier with or without symptoms entering the building, however.