The Communist Take Over – WW3 Has Already Started – Covid, Election Fraud, BLM… Thanks to China

This is a giant article I have complied: Connecting the dots between China, the communist organizations trying to take over America and the entire plandemic. It was just a giant scheme, most likely the biggest hoax of all time. There is no doubt that China and the treasonous traitors in America want Donald Trump out of office. We all know Biden is nothing but a Chinese paid agent… BLM and ANTFIA are nothing but domestic terrorists trying to overthrow our government into complete communist control. I hope to god that Trump is sworn into office; we still have a good chance but this post outlines the events leading up to coronavirus outbreak and the fraudulent election by bad actors. There is a lot of information; I can make separate articles going into more detail about these organizations at a later date. *China Want’s Trump Gone* – Enjoy and let’s fight communism:

Trump’s War With China – Tariffs/Technology Race

Since the 1980s, President Trump has frequently advocated tariffs to reduce the U.S. trade deficit and promote domestic manufacturing, saying the country was being “ripped off” by its trading partners, and imposing tariffs was a major plank of his presidential campaign. In early 2011, he stated that because China has manipulated their currency, “it is almost impossible for our companies to compete with Chinese companies.” At the time, Alan Tonelson, of the U.S. Business and Industry Council, said the degree of Chinese undervaluation was at least 40%, saying that tariffs were the only way to fix this: “Nothing else has worked, nothing else will work.”

As president, in August 2017, he directed the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) to investigate Chinese economic practices. The resulting report, issued in March 2018, attacked many aspects of Chinese economic policy, focusing particularly on alleged technology transfer, which the report stated cost the US economy $225 billion and $600 billion annually. Following the issuing of the report, Trump ordered the imposition of tariffs on Chinese products, the filing of a WTO case against China and restrictions on Chinese investment in high-tech sectors of the US economy.

After imposing tariffs, he denied entering into a trade war, saying the “trade war was lost many years ago by the foolish, or incompetent, people who represented the U.S.” He said that the U.S. has a trade deficit of $500 billion a year, with intellectual property (IP) theft costing an additional $300 billion. “We cannot let this continue,” he said. Former White House Counsel, Jim Schultz, said that “through multiple presidential administrations — Clinton, Bush and Obama — the United States has naively looked the other way while China cheated its way to an unfair advantage in the international trade market.”

Technology is considered the most important part of the U.S. economy. According to U.S. Trade Representative Robert E. Lighthizer, China maintains a policy of “forced technology transfer,” along with practicing “state capitalism,” including buying U.S. technology companies and using cybertheft to gain technology. As a result, officials in the Trump administration were, by early 2018, taking steps to prevent Chinese state-controlled companies from buying American technology companies and were trying to stop American companies from handing over their key technologies to China as a cost of entering their market. According to political analyst Josh Rogin: “There was a belief that China would develop a private economy that would prove compatible with the WTO system. Chinese leadership has made a political decision to do the opposite. So now we have to respond.”

Over half of the members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the People’s Republic of China thought that leakage of intellectual property was an important concern when doing business there. Initiating steel and aluminum tariff actions in March 2018, Trump said “trade wars are good, and easy to win,” but as the conflict continued to escalate through August 2019, Trump stated, “I never said China was going to be easy.”

See Our Timeline, of Trump-China Tariffs Here (Link)

China’s Xi Declares ‘People’s War’

Posted February 06, 2020

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday declared a “people’s war” on the coronavirus outbreak, whose death toll grows by the day.

What is people’s war?People’s war, also called protracted people’s war, is a Maoist military strategy. First developed by the Chinese communist revolutionary leader Mao Zedong (1893–1976), the basic concept behind People’s War is to maintain the support of the population and draw the enemy deep into the countryside (stretching their supply lines) where the population will bleed them dry through a mix of mobile warfare and guerrilla warfare. It was used by the Chinese communists against the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II, and by the Chinese Soviet Republic in the Chinese Civil War.

In stage one, the revolutionary force conducting people’s war starts in a remote area with mountainous or forested terrain in which its enemy is weak. It attempts to establish a local stronghold known as a revolutionary base area. As it grows in power, it enters stage two, establishes other revolutionary base areas and spreads its influence through the surrounding countryside, where it may become the governing power and gain popular support through such programmes as land reform. Eventually in stage three, the movement has enough strength to encircle and capture small cities, then larger ones, until finally it seizes power in the entire country.

Banning TikTok

Sep 18, 2020 – President Donald Trump is making a controversial promise to ban TikTok in the U.S., the Department of Commerce announced. The move comes months after his administration first teased the idea of outlawing the enormously popular video-sharing app as part of a crackdown on Chinese-owned and -operated technology due to national security concerns.

In addition to TikTok, which may boast as many as 70 million active users in the U.S. and more than 800 million worldwide, Commerce also announced a ban on the Chinese-owned WeChat from U.S. app stores. “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has demonstrated the means and motives to use these apps to threaten the national security, foreign policy, and the economy of the U.S.,” the release from Commerce reads.

We know the CCP was using TikTok to mobilize young voters with propaganda

That was some of the background leading up to the coronavirus pandemic and the corrupt election which has major influence from the Chinese communist party which used propaganda to create civil unrest in America by using Marxist organizations like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter to further the agenda to swing the vote away from Trump. As you will see below; I have added the communist organizations below which boast about registering thousands of minority voters and feeding them with propaganda. Don’t forget the plan by these traitor governors which made vote by mail the only possibility; to make stealing of the election that much easier..

Seed The Vote

Who We Are (Link)

Everyday People PAC is a grassroots, social justice political fund mobilizing volunteers to defeat Trump by supporting the electoral work of grassroots organizations in swing states building long term power of working class communities and communities of color. Seed the Vote is a project of Everyday People PAC, supported by Bay Resistance, Bay Rising Action, San Francisco Rising Action Fund, and other organizations and individuals throughout the Bay Area committed to building political power in our communities.

Our sister project, Generation Rising, is a national vehicle for young people impacted by racism and economic oppression to work with social justice movements and community-based efforts in swing states–to defeat Trump and build systemic change for the long-haul. We provide training and opportunities to impact elections in key swing states while building connections and knowledge for long term social justice organizing.

Specifically, Generation Rising supports campaigns led by working-class communities and communities of color doing presidential election work through phone-banking, texting, and relational organizing.

Their goal is not just to defeat Trump, but to shift the balance of power in favor of communities of color, social justice organizations, and labor to seed the wins yet to come.

Website Screenshots:

The New Georgia Project

Through “Loose the Chains”, the New Georgia Project partners with churches, synagogues, mosques and other religious organizations to host voter registration drives, disseminate information about voting rights and voter protection, and assist voters to the polls.

Black church “vote by mail” campaign:

NGP, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Wheat Street Baptist Church, and Bishops of the AME, AME Zion and CME churches in Georgia encourage every African American congregation in Georgia join our “Vote by Mail” campaign. If we vote together in worship as a collective sacred act, we can and will shift “black church” voter turnout exponentially!

NGP’s faith community is committed to elevating the public discourse about the role of faith in politics and voting rights. Public conversations, such as Politics, Black Liberation, and Theologies of Resistance, are scheduled throughout the fall.

Website Screenshot:

Leadership: Nsé Ufot

Under Nsé’s leadership, NGP has registered nearly 425,000 Georgians to vote.  Nsé was the driving force in merging civil rights with civic technology, allowing her team of organizers to use sophisticated targeting based on data through NGP’s mobile apps.  Eager to gamify civic engagement using the science of video games, NGP was able to engage and empower voters across the state of Georgia.  Under her leadership, NGP also studied block chains and cryptocurrency to learn how they could embed and apply similar security to voter suppression.

Prior to joining the New Georgia Project, Nsé worked as the assistant executive director for the Canadian Association of University Teachers; Canada’s largest faculty union. She also served as the senior lobbyist and government relations officer for the American Association of University Professors, where she coordinated initiatives for mobilizing members around legislation and regulations that impacted higher education and labor law.

Nsé has appeared in local and national news outlets to discuss her work, including “All In” with Chris Hayes on MSNBC, Salon and The Root.  Additionally, she has served as a panelist on the national stage at SXSW and Netroots Nation, and was featured on BET’s Finding Justice series.

Nsé, a proud naturalized citizen, was born in Nigeria and raised in Southwest Atlanta. She earned a Bachelor of Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Dayton School of Law. Nsé is an avid cyclist that enjoys international travel, as well as listening and playing music from the African Diaspora. She also speaks fluent French.

About NGP: (501c3) educates and registers the roughly 700,000 eligible (but unregistered) African American, Latino and Asian American voters (registering more than 250,000 new Georgia voters since 2014).

About NGP Action Fund: (501c4) engages in local/state political campaigns for the purposes of supporting or opposing ballot measures, referendums, recalls, initiatives, and candidates for local, state and federal offices – making specific endorsements, from school board to governor, and getting voters to the polls.

Now there is a lot of connections with those schools and China: but that doesn’t prove anything…. As you can see in the screenshots below; both the universities she attended have prominent Chinese programs. Could she have been compromised when she was in school and given a plan to carry out to liberate and mobilize minority voters for the goals of removing Trump from office?

China College Screenshots:

Up to Us – Pennsylvania

In 2016, Trump won Pennsylvania by just 44,292 votes. In the wake of the election, Pennsylvanians of all races came together, not just in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, but in towns and small cities across the state. Since then, we’ve made tremendous gains, building one of the most powerful independent political organizations in the country. In the June primary, our organization recruited and supported powerful champions for working people to take on the political establishment—and we won.

Now, as we head into the general election, we’re unveiling a slate of 26 endorsed candidates for the state legislature and big plans to defeat Donald Trump in Pennsylvania and put Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House.


Detroit Action

Detroit Action is a union of Black and Brown, low and no-income, homeless and housing insecure Detroiter fighting for housing and economic justice. Our organization is a grassroots and member-led, multigenerational, community-based organization fighting for real political power.

Detroit Action provides opportunities for individuals and families to develop as full human beings through our leadership development workshops, organizer internships, nonpartisan voter education and mobilization drives, direct action, and collaboration with allied organizations locally, statewide, nationally, and even internationally.

Our Model:

To build an organization that serves as our members’ and staff’s political home. We believe in a Detroit Action where we can learn, build relationships and create the type of community that we deserve. Regardless of immigration status, race, or gender identity, all can find safety, support, and solidarity here. Everyone who comes through our doors with an individual story of abuse and exploitation finds that they are not alone – that in collectivizing our experiences and voices, we can build the power to change not just one case, but entire systems.

Website Screenshots:


Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) is a membership-led, grassroots organization that builds power with Arizona’s working families to advance social, racial and economic justice for all. Through grassroots campaigns, leadership development, advocacy and civic engagement, we work to create an Arizona in which every person enjoys equal rights, opportunities and protections.(Link)

Website Screenshots:

BLOC Wisconsin

The concerns and needs of the communities we represent always come first. Community-based organizing and face-to-face conversations lead to change. So we listen in order to build transformational, not transactional, relationships.

We are uniters, working to lift up the Black citizens, leaders, and businesses of our community. We are transparent in our work to ensure the community we advocate for can hold us accountable.

1) Invest in our community and engage citizens to build long-term political power.

2) Through coordinated political action ensure a high quality of life and access to economic opportunity for members of the Black community in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin.

3) Empower Black leaders with the tools, training, and resources needed to organize and guarantee that their issues, concerns, and values are represented at all levels of government.

Obama, Hillary, Biden = 3 Presidential Candidates

New Florida Majority

NewFM is building political power of marginalized constituencies in Florida, for an inclusive, equitable, and just democracy for all. NewFM trains grassroots citizens to be leaders, mobilize communities to vote, educate the public to share our values, and inspire Floridians to take action toward their dreams. We organize people, ideas, and resources to build a powerful new vision for Florida’s new majority

This year, our organizers are mobilizing to significantly expand democratic rights for communities that have been historically marginalized, excluded and silenced. The key components of the campaign are voting rights, immigration reform, fighting mass incarceration and standing up for women and our young people.

In 2018, New Florida Majority made history with the passage of Amendment 4, which restored voting rights to over 1.4 million Floridians with felony convictions. Our work, along with the work of so many other groups who fought so hard for that win, continues today as the state legislature attempts to roll back our hard-won victory.

Liberation Road

While The Road/El Camino was formed in 1985 as a merger of socialist organizations that came from the movements of the 1960s and 70s, today we are multi-generational, with a majority of our members under age 35 – not yet born when our organization was formed. The Road/El Camino renewed our commitment to both our historical principles and to make a more powerful contribution to the social movements in the United States, with a clear focus on building the resistance to Trump, and challenging the left and the fighters in the social movements to confront the question of a path to power.


For as far back as the historical record goes, human society has been propelled forward by the struggle for freedom. From the slave rebellions of ancient Rome to the peasant uprisings that slashed through China’s history, from the resistance against the slave trade to the anti-colonial struggles that have rocked Africa, the Americas and the Asian-Pacific region over the last two centuries, to the bloody fights to build unions at the workplace, people have always resisted grinding exploitation and brutal oppression.

Today the rich and powerful, the tiny handful who squat atop our social pyramid, try to claim the banner of freedom for themselves. They use this mighty word to sell everything from convertibles to toothpaste, and now even racist right wing populists have tried to steal this language. And when they do, they reveal what they think freedom means. For the rulers, freedom means the freedom to structure everything in society to serve their own interests. Meanwhile, for the great working class majority, the freedom preached by the one percent means only the freedom to choose between a rock and a hard place, between selling our labor to them to enrich them further and starving to death.

But we have a different vision of freedom. The great majority of the globe’s people want freedom from misery, from exploitation, from the jackboots of the state, from living our whole lives in alienation and insecurity. We want freedom for the peoples of the world to own our histories, cultures and languages, and to determine our own destinies. And more, we want freedom to become fully human, to develop all our gifts and abilities. And millions of us sense that this cannot be done by each of us as individuals, but only by the pooling of our collective strength and wisdom.


The long history of people struggling for freedom shows us a lot about the path we have to travel. It is always a struggle because those who run and benefit from the existing order have no interest whatsoever in giving up their power and privilege. We stand in internationalist solidarity with all people of the world who are waging this battle under their own conditions, and often waging it against the same ruling class we are fighting, for the rulers of the US are still the dominant power in the world today.

We look for inspiration and lessons to key episodes in this long struggle for freedom. The Paris Commune of 1871 showed that the wretched of the earth could storm heaven, seize power and reorganize society. The Russian revolution showed that the new society could be defended and built in the face of everything the old order could throw against it. The Cultural Revolution in China showed that only the masses of people can challenge a new elite from taking over the government and seizing the fruits of the revolution, as had happened in the Soviet Union. Each of these heroic efforts to push forward into the realm of freedom eventually wound up in a swamp or a box canyon, but not before our road had been blazed far into new and uncharted terrain.

There is also much to learn from the countless fighters who have helped scout the terrain ahead. These include not just Karl Marx and V.I. Lenin and Mao Zedong, but Malcolm X, Ella Baker, Amilcar Cabral, Jose Carlos Mariategui, Antonio Gramsci, Jose Marti, Franz Fanon, Digna Ochoa, Berta Carceres, and many, many more. And in the end, of course, we can only bring the road into being through the hard work of building it.


Freedom cannot be won for a few. If any are in chains, no one is truly free. Nor can freedom be given as a gift. It must be taken by the many because only in doing so can we learn to use and expand it.

The rich hate the thought of socialism so much that they call socialist any reform in the system that cuts into their wealth in the slightest—from public education and the graduated income tax in the old days, to environmental regulations and a national health care system today. Such reforms, however righteous and needed they might be—and we fight for them tooth and nail–are not socialism.

Real freedom will require the destruction, by every means necessary, of the whole current social order based on the rights of the wealthy to keep everything they have and constantly grab for more.

Real freedom, socialism, will mean turning that system over, or, more accurately, standing things right side up. It will mean organizing society and the economy on an entirely different basis, where the wealth created by the labor of the many goes to serve the people and not to enrich a tiny handful of parasites. It will mean that education, health care, jobs, air we can breath and water we can drink — will all be rights, and that people will have the opportunity and resources they need to develop their potential as human beings and to increase their contributions to the well-being of all.

The working people will rule and the old exploiters (and newer wannabes) will be held back. So will those, like white supremacists, who seek to poison and divide the people. True democracy is not choosing between two puppets for the capitalists once every four years. It is the masses of people learning to become the masters of society.

The wealth of society, produced by the labor of millions, will benefit the many, not enrich the few. Because the highest law of giant capitalist corporations is “expand or die,” enormous waste, suffering and environmental destruction are built into the system we live under. In place of this dog-eat-dog madness, we need cooperation, collectivity and planning.

Socialism is society ruled by the vast working class majority, and the first step in a transition to a world without classes. The plain fact is: we, the working class of people, make all of society run, each and every day. Why shouldn’t we run all of society?


The only way that working people have ever won anything is by organizing and fighting. In our neighborhoods, in community organizations, in our workplaces, in unions, wherever there is a need to fight, people build organization. As the great labor anthem “Solidarity Forever” says,

This is where you will find members of the Liberation Road. We are involved in and build a wide range of organizations in many fronts of the people’s struggles. We are in immigrant workers’ centers and labor unions and rank and file caucuses. We are in organizations in oppressed communities, in the Movement for Black Lives and the Climate Justice movement. We are in student groups, in teacher and parent organizations. We are in the LBGTQ organizations and movement, international solidarity groups, and many more.

In each of these fights we unite all who can be united, and always have three goals:

1. Win as much as possible and weaken the enemy through collective and militant action;

2. Spread class consciousness and build the unity of the working class through education and organization;

3. Recruit people to socialism by promoting international solidarity, agitating against capitalism, studying, and providing a program to build an alternative world.

We learn from Ella Baker, a leading light of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in the 1960s, and her insistence that people make their own history and movements must develop their own leaders. We learn from the Chinese leader Mao Zedong, with his insistence that all correct ideas come “from the masses, to the masses.” We listen, we learn, and we lift our people.

Building From Protest to Power

In the final analysis, we need an organization dedicated to building all of those struggles and welding them together into a revolutionary movement which replaces the whole capitalist system and builds a new world on the ashes of the old. Such an organization needs to be disciplined. It needs to be able to call on its members for ideas and summation of the struggle, for sacrifice in building the people’s movements, and for courage in fighting the enemy.

Such an organization must also be large enough to unite the tens of thousands and eventually millions of us into a mighty force, a party or parties, that can shatter the foundations of this corrupt, racist system.

The waves of protest that spread across the country after the 2016 election showed the power of the people’s rage and resistance. But it has been built, in general, without a strategy to contend for power. We need to move from protest to power. We need to build independent political organization.

Trump’s electoral victory was the culmination of decades of organizing by the right wing forces that we call the New Confederacy. The Republican Party today is a social bloc of forces committed to austerity, white supremacy and social hatreds. When they gain power – and they have come to control 25 states in all three branches of government, while the Democrats control 6 – they destroy unions, push the most homophobic and trans-phobic propaganda and policy, overrule progressive local movements or laws by state legislative “preemption”, and organize to repeal every last trace of the New Deal and the Civil Rights movement, and more. They have seized the initiative against the increasingly exposed neo-liberal Democrats, who have to answer for their own share of suffering and are subservient to the banks.   And their power is rooted in the Old South.

In response, state-by-state efforts have emerged by progressive forces to bring together the multi-racial working class with minority nationalities and others to fight back. These organizations, which differ in many ways, have several things in common. They have a broad vision of contending for power. They work in the street and in the election booth. They work inside and outside the Democratic Party. They fight both austerity and white supremacy. And they build on the strategic alliance of the working class of all races and languages with the movements based in communities of color.

Bringing together the advanced fighters around the necessity of political organization and strategy is the focus of our work today, as part of the movement for socialism, and as we build the resistance. In some cases we will initiate such efforts, in others we will pitch in and learn from others where such efforts are already going strong.

We have entered a period of numerical and political growth of the socialist movement in the US. We hope you will join us.

Communist Party USA

Founded in 1919, the Communist Party USA has championed the struggles for democracy, labor rights, women’s equality, racial justice and peace for 100 years. The Communist Party has an unparalleled history in the progressive movement of the United States, from the struggle against Jim Crow segregation, the organizing of the industrial unions, from the canneries of California, to the sweatshops of New York City.

The Road to Socialism USA is the Program of the Communist Party USA, adopted in 2005 and updated by our 100th Anniversary Convention in 2019 in Chicago. It offers our view of the path from the struggles of the present all the way to socialism, a strategy of struggle, unity, reform, and revolution.

All of humanity is faced with multiple, interlocking crises–in the economy, in our shared environment, in extreme weather disasters, in the growing danger of pandemics. These crises expose the rampant income inequality, the disparate impacts of these crises on those facing exploitation and oppression, and, in the U.S. especially, the inhumane lack of health care for all.

The world is changing around us. As we adopted this program, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic exploded around us. This pandemic has laid bare the economic weakness of capitalism. The system is unable to adequately compensate workers for lost income, unable to deal with the economic devastation for both small businesses that crash with only a few weeks of being shut down and the workers who are laid off as a result, unable to take the necessary concerted collective action when saddled with a financial system geared only to endless profit-taking instead of prioritizing the health of the entire population.

An economic system that demands death for seniors in order to “restart the economy” is a system that is morally and economically bankrupt. The immediate crises of health care and the economy are intertwined with the long-range crisis of climate change and the need for fundamental transformation. Capitalism is a cause of much of the problems we face, and is also the main obstacle to finding real and lasting solutions. We need a system that prioritizes the needs of the people before the greed of the few, the 1%.

We stand with the workers of our country, and the working class of the whole world, for health care for all, for an end to income inequality, against racism, sexism, and all injustice. Join with us!


Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) is a national organization of revolutionaries fighting for socialism in the United States. Our home is in the working class.

FRSO members are rooted in the mass movements for justice, particularly in the labor movement and the movements of oppressed nations and nationalities– especially African-Americans and Chicanos. We are also active in the immigrant rights, anti-war, student and youth movements.

We are organizing the united front against monopoly capitalism — with the strategic alliance of the multinational working class and oppressed nationality movements at its core. This is our general strategy for revolution in the U.S.

FRSO is recruiting and building towards the creation of a new Communist Party based on Marxism-Leninism. This is necessary to lead the way to socialism and liberation.

Conclusion & Other Random Orgnazations:

In conclusion; There is thousands of chinese orgnazations in the United States. I would have been here for hours posting all of them; I included the important ones which has a deffinate role in the corruption. We need to wake up, China has said it would have to destory America from within. But Obama made sure that China was the leading military force by reducing our Military capacitiy by deals and demilitrazation of the best armed forces in the world. Which has made it easy for China to be the dominate display of force. Why do you think Trump increased the military budget and attacked the WHO, CDC, UN? Simple reason; China is controlling them as well….


Chinese Progressive Association

Committee of 100



The Chinese are everywhere…..