Does The Universe Hear You?

Consciousness is a term that refers to the relationship between the mind and the world with which it interacts.. It’s shared everyone across the world and the universe as a whole.. There has been a lot of research that states you may be able to alter the universe around you by just having positive thoughts… You might not believe some of this information below but it’s a interesting subject which scientists across the world are trying to solve.. Does our body have “special powers” and are we able to control the world around us!? Below is some disputable evidence which I got in a documentary called Quantum Communication…

Our Science Is Incomplete

Most scientists today in the community do not know how to measure or acquire consciousness in their studies but their has been one project that has put the mystery together.. It’s called the Global Consciousness Project and it’s network of random sources that is interconnected with the behavior of human consciousnesses across the globe! They identify global events in which peoples emotions and consciousnesses change and then chart them for future research.. The actual instrument is a random number generator which is located in Princeton and it stores parallel sequences of random numbers and completes a mathematical chart of the global consciousness.. Read more at the GC project.

Enough of the background information, Now to the really interesting stuff! In 1927 at the convention of physics in Belgium; a new proposal of mind over matter was introduced! They found that the minds of the researches were affecting the results of the experiments that they were conducting..They also found out that the mathematical solution of predictability was not repeatable and reliable enough to explain what was happening..Einstein couldn’t accept this theory at first because it violated all mathematical models.. Later he admitted that there was a superior spirit, much more complex than man.. This Spirit is Consciousness! Why hasn’t anyone come out and said that we have these “powers”, are they scared of what we could do with these “powers…?”

“They” Tried To Hide The Truth…

Our current science can’t handle Consciousness… The reason behind this is because when ever there is a “consciousness observer” they produce a collapse in the wave function which is destroying information in the experiment.. They only way the can see what “happens” is too look-in after the experiment is over…Our science today is incomplete! You might ask yourself how did other people become more powerful than me?! Well here’s the answer; Everyone has the same ability but the only reason they became more powerful is because they took the power away from us!!!! The evolution or (The Enlightenment) that we are experiencing right now is to gain back that power! Everyone needs to “reprogram” their belief systems to account for this “new age” of power!

In 1957 Professor Hans Eisenberg wrote a letter to 30 of the major universities and scientists explaining that there was a huge conspiracy that was trying to silence the truth about the powers of the human mind.. Our government was terrified after the research that was done by Standford University, they didn’t want us to know what we really could do by just thinking! They found out that we could Remote View, See into the Future and Past, Find Missing Items, and anything else that you could imagine…. Of course our government came out with a “smear campaign” to discredit the research and the scientist’s!

Mysteries Of The Human Body

How do we find out true love? How do we find out careers? What drives us to do certain things? There is a mind-body reaction that takes place.. This has a lot to do with disease in the human body… Stress on the brain will cause an output of energy on the body which affects your organs.. Most people usually get back pains, headaches, chest pains and many other problems due to stress.. The most common place for problems is in the heart, stress produces adrenaline which affects the heart in abnormal ways which contributes to heart attacks/disease.. (CDC: Heart disease kills over 7 million people each year)

The heart is an electrical organ, it produces the highest bio-electricity field in our body! (About 40-50 times more than the brain) This force is strong enough where it can be measured outside of our body.. This force covers our whole body 360 degrees and can be detected anywhere between 3-12 feet outside the body with magnetometers.. Now if you don’t have one of these magnetometers you can use a simple electric volt meter to measure your body voltage.. (mV Setting) The average person is no more than 1 volt.. Everyone has different voltages at different times in their lives.. Children are about a quarter of a volt, and adults are about 0.5 volts.. Now if you test “healers” you will find that their voltages are much higher than regular people and they “share” their higher voltage with others (They heal by redistributing the energy into a specific spot on the receiver…)

Do We Have “Special Powers?”

The biggest mind control experiment conducted by our government was when they told us: Our minds are not powerful! Now people with serious depression or diseases end up around 5-9mV.. Regular people are around 30-100mV… Many athletes try to increase their voltages.. Now if everyone could raise their electricity that would mean that our state of consciousness would become more powerful? Just think of a radio; the signal is crappy because there is not enough power.. Then when you touch that same radio it mysteriously gets “clearer” the same concept applies to your thoughts and the law of attraction!

Did the ancient Egyptians know the secret healing power of stones? There was a experiment that was done at Stanford University; They were able to store a movie of a hummingbird and a separate movie of the Mona-Lisa Painting inside-of a crystal.. Think about a CD or DVD; it’s a ordinary sheet of plastic which is reflective and the light bounces off and then sends the information back to the device.. A lot of things in the universe are shaped exactly the same..(It’s Called A Torus) Our eye, our universe, our organs, I mean the list goes on and on… There has to be a connection!

Now there is a way that you can increase you energy and your vibrations..You can get a stone pendant which has been electrified and it’s been proven to increase your “signal.” They trapped these “healing frequencies” of the universe in this stone much like how music or movies are trapped in stones or on discs.. Then they tested these people wearing these pendants and they found that their body voltages increased to about 200-2500mV which is just amazing… (This is a simple Volt meter test…) They also claim that Athletes, Healers, and Psychics have much higher voltages than “normal people..” Would this stone give us the ability to do these amazing things?! In quantum mechanics it stats that human intention can alter the reality around them.. This is some pretty interesting stuff!

Humans Are Super-Computers With Viruses..

Humans are the most advanced super-computers in today’s society.. We have the ability to transmit information.. (Transmission happens through the belly-button) Humans have evolved so much and it’s to the point where we are at our superior level of enlightenment…We are not there yet because of the society that we live in; it’s filled with “computer viruses” which makes our mind function at a “lower level..” Now imagine if you could clear that processor and then it would be able to function at the truly desirable level!

They have found that changes in your mood will change your electric signal.. Negative emotions have a pattern much like an earthquake does .. Now positive energy has a “harmonic signal” which means the frequencies are working together…. There is so much research that is still needed… We have to respect our hearts like our life depends on it.. Have you ever been with someone and you feel smarter? That’s because their circuitry “turns-on” something and completes your circuit..That’s why one man can have love for a woman and another man have a completely different feeling about that same woman..

Quantum Communication

The most basic form of quantum communication is that between a mother and her children.. The reason for the ability to communicate so easily is because the frequencies are almost alike.. The same thing can said about twins.. It’s because both the mother and the children have alike cells which have the same frequency receivers.. Now the very interesting thing is that a mother will know when their child is in trouble even on the other side of the planet! (This has been reported by mothers..) This not only with mothers and their children but with your soul-mate.. You notice this when couples use incomplete sentences and nobody else knows what they’re saying..

We communicate with each other without even knowing.. Our bodies send out signals to everyone around us.. Your bonded before you even know each other! By giving thoughts to your body; your able to reprogram your DNA which has been proved by DR. Bruce Lipton.. Then you will be able to broadcast a “new” message to everyone, It’s actually a Read-Write Memory… The membrane is a information processor it’s called a, “Liquid Crystal Semiconductor with Gates & Channels” Which is exactly the same thing as a computer-chip.. Trust me it gets more interesting!

Our Cells Are Rewritable…

They did a study; where they put different cells into a environment and they changed their structure completely to match the environment around them..They put two genetically alike cells in different dishes.. These cells are programmable to the different environments, that’s why one cells could be a muscle cell and a bone cell.. Now to make everyone understand how this works.. If you put cells in a dish where it’s unhealthy the cells with become sick but if you move those same cells into a healthy environment they will recover from the sickness and become healthy again.. This is substantial evidence that our cells are live and are changing on a daily basis! Forget about the cells now, this can be applied to your own body.. Is this why our government wants to use Genetically Engineered food? To alter our DNA and make our environment toxic for future disease… (Depopulation)

In this one test they placed a bunch of people in front of computers and randomly selected images.. Some images were pleasant and others were horrifying but the brain began to respond to the images about 6 seconds before the image appeared.. They found out the heart was responding before the brain.. Our body is always sensing the future but the only problem is we cannot tap into that feature just yet.. Atoms communicate with one another over any distance by emitting light waves to carry the information. They found that you go into a higher frequency when you are talking and then a lower frequency when you are receiving information..Many of these theories can’t be described by any mathematical solution… Another thing that blows scientists minds is a photographer claims he can take a picture with the lens cap on.. If that’s not interesting, many people claim they can levitate, teleportation, walking through walls and our science can’t explain all these different phenomenons… If you told anyone about those things most people would think that’s science fiction.. “Anything is possible if you put your mind to it…”

More Mysteries

Remote viewing has been proven to be very accurate and it was approved by Jimmy Carter in 1977. The government asked two “remote viewers” to locate a disabled Russian place which had crashed somewhere in the jungle.. Now these two people gave exact Longitude and Latitude coordinates where this plane was. No other technology could find this plane..They also found that they were able to look in enemies bases and acquire information that seemed impossible to get…This famous “remote viewer” was Pat Price..

You know how a TV, or radio signals gets weaker when it has to go through walls or mountains but this can’t be said for physic signals coming from the human body.. They found it can penetrate anything and never gets weak; no matter how far it travels…They also found that humans can affect anything over great distances.. For instance there is a study where they changed the PH level in water by just thinking about it! There a force in our bodies that cannot be explained… Another interesting study is when they used plants and a “healer”, they asked if the healer could make the plants “glow” more in this dark room.. He sent his intentions to the plant and it magically started to glow more using this “super-cooled camera” which is only used to see distant galaxies that are impossible to see with the naked eye.. He also found that he could produce the same results over a thousand miles away..


Our consciousness has no limit on where or how it can travel.. They found out that our thoughts travel at 34.7 Billion Miles Per Second.. We know our science is incomplete at the moment but we know that our consciousness and the world around us is alive and communicating… No two human beings are the same because we all have different cells.. Our cells are connected to us; They found this during a study when they took cells from humans and put them in a dish.. Then they moved that person over 40 miles away and if the person had a certain feeling those same cells would have that same feeling!

Ancient civilizations were way more advanced than our society today.. They knew a lot about the universe and how their bodies were part of a universe.. How did they know all this information? Were they already consciousness in-tuned with the earth? We are now in that same evolution right now; to gain back that same power..Everything is possible in today’s world, we only have to find the “power” that will allow us to find out the mysteries of the universe! There is so much that still needs to be explained and we are close to finding out the true meaning of our life and our universe! Respect yourself and the universe because it can hear you… Watch this great documentary below which has A LOT of great information!

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