Could Parler Been Honeypot? Or They Just Got Owned?

Since we know big tech censorship stopped the current President of the United States from using social media. Everyone started jumping-ship from Twitter and Facebook to Parler and Gab. They both have been around for little but haven’t had the mass switch of platforms like they experienced over the past couple of days. Parler was already hit with massive amounts of censorship by Apple and Google removing the app from their respective app stores. Then big mouths claim their site was hosted at AWS -Amazon hosting services; That they should have kept a secret and let Amazon find out on their own. So as of Jan 11th or even last night, Amazon removed Parler from the web by shutting down the server.

hv nb *I used the service the other day to message one of the admins on Parler to give pointers or help out hosting the site but seems like they didn’t want any help or advice. I don’t rely on Amazon or big–tech for my servers, I own and operate them in a data center which I have learned the hard way over the 10 years this site has been operating. Our site was removed multiple times, but that didn’t stop me. But now Parler is offline, many of those have been possibly a target of a honeypot or a hacking attempt. As this post provides a narrative; is it true? The bad part is that part of Parler Verification Check was asking for State IDs and Selfies, soon as I saw that I was like FUCK You…. There has been no confirmation by Parler yet if this is true:

So was this just a honeypot to get the names, IDs and other info of Trump supports to further an agenda to cleanse them from society? I thought that in beginning and still thinking that now. I tried signing up to Gab but that didn’t work either, there has been lots of activity online to sway from these big tech corporations. So this was a perfect way to get millions of names, easily under the assumption that they were for freedom of speech. Seems like Parler was also using OKTA free-trial software to store/verify all their user identity up until they were terminated. And there was this post on 4chan, providing more bad news about the EXIF data-handling at Parler:

So if you uploaded photos, ID, personal info it might have been compromised and shared. It’s safe to say that you should change you passwords if you used a common on that’s used across different websites. So was this a collaborated attack, a accident or just fake news? But we do know that they want to target Trump supporters and want to cause havoc against them. We will have to wait and see. When will Parler return online? Will they acknowledge the hack?