DC In Total Lock-Down = Martial Law?

There has been a media blackout it seems on the latest what is happening in Washington D.C. I can’t find much information about the mayor of D.C declaring a national emergency. But she had a press conference earlier in the day outline all the restrictive measures which will occur tonight until after the inauguration. Seems little early to be shutting down Washington DC already? High fences, barricades and military/police guard booths and barricades have began to block entire areas around the capitol. I have heard they will be checking IDs of people on the streets and if your car is stuck behind this blockade, ‘you will have to walk out’ as said by a Secret Service director. The also talk of bridges, subways and other transportation will be banned as well for security measures.

Unconfirmed: Right now is that phone/communication jammers are being deployed in the city as we speak. So why is the mayor completely locking down the city worse then the coronavirus pandemic? Is there panic in DC? We will have to wait and see: