‘The Ellen Show’ Is getting cancelled? Interesting news & Conspiracies

Ellen DeGeneres was the queen of daytime talk after Oprah bowed out of the scene. Lately, the tide has turned against her and The Ellen Show. Largely due to Ellen’s supposed bad behavior behind the scenes of her talk show. From celebrity callouts to Twitter stories, people are getting tired of Ellen.

Now the question remains, should The Ellen Show end? Is it time for the host to hang up her suits for good? Based on the accounts of celebrity clapbacks and stories shared on Twitter, something should be done. With the fight in Hollywood for less toxic work environments, there is something not right about The Ellen Show if all those stories are true.

With accusations flying around that Ellen DeGeneres is the Queen of Mean, the woman who has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame for being a “friend of the stars”, has seen her show ratings absolutely plummet. People are even starting to think she’s crossed into cancelation worthy territory for her show – if the numbers don’t improve she’s likely going to lose her coveted daytime TV slot.

Meanwhile, it looks like Ellen DeGeneres is trying to make her network – the Ellen DeGeneres Network, relevant again with the addition of new influential faces. Whether or not it’s because she fears losing her main job is unknown. 

The core stage crew for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” consisting of more than 30 employees, received no written communication about the status of their working hours, pay, or inquiries about their mental and physical health from producers for over a month, said two sources, both of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity. Higher-ups in production would occasionally answer phone calls but reveal little, added one of the sources. The crew was further incensed by the show’s recent hire of an outside, non-union tech company to help DeGeneres tape remotely from her home in California.

When production executives finally did weigh in, nearly all crew members were told last week to brace for a 60% reduction in pay, even as the show continues to air, according to sources close to the matter.

Doesn’t look good for Ellen DeGeneres.. As many people were following the height of the coronavirus celebrities craziness during the beginning on twitter, Ellen was one of the many who were delusional and weird. There was many different theories of the movements she was doing in the photos. Symbolism, Ill post the images below. First one we have the hanged-man pose and people claim they see an ankle monitor in this photo:

The Hanged Man (XII) is the twelfth trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks. It is used in game playing as well as in divination.

It depicts a pittura infamante, an image of a man being hanged upside-down by one ankle (the only exception being the Tarocco Siciliano, which depicts the man hanged by the neck instead). This method of hanging was a common punishment at the time for traitors in Italy. However, the solemn expression on his face traditionally suggests that he is there by his own accord, and the card is meant to represent self-sacrifice more so than it does corporal punishment or criminality.

In other interpretations, The Hanged Man is a depiction of the Norse god Odin, who suspended himself from a tree in order to gain knowledge. There is also a Christian interpretation that portrays Judas Iscariot, and include the bags of silver in his hands. In the Lo Scarabeo African American Tarot deck the 12th card of the major arcana is the Observer, depicting the Nigerian god “Ifa” of fate and destiny blindfolded and surrounded by eyes.

Also it seems like that shirt Ellen is wearing also has a known pedo symbol which has been verified by the FBI:

Could this all be a coincidence? Lol possible but lets see some more stuff… Ellen’s stage set looks like much Epstein’s temple on his island. Interesting; Definitely some symbolism going on…

USA TODAY: Ellen, Oprah, many others are not under house arrest for child sex trafficking:

If you were to believe a rash of conspiracy theories on social media, many boldface names are in serious trouble with the law – and it isn’t just the coronavirus pandemic keeping them at home.

Recent posts allege that celebrities and VIPs such as Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, the Gateses and the Clintons, among others, are under house arrest for child sex trafficking.

Some posts target specific people, such as DeGeneres. One claim has been shared more than 3,500 times as of Thursday. Users in the comments say the talk show host can be seen in her latest videos with an ankle bracelet. The accusations live on Twitter, where users speculated a man standing behind DeGeneres in one of her recent videos is a police officer monitoring her arrest.

Ellen DeGeneres as part of the Deep State?

In 2018, Eric Trump posted a tweet that people interpreted as if he was suggesting that the American talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is part of the Deep State. This suggestion has now become quite the conspiracy theory. This paper analyzes how this theory has come into existence, who the parties involved are, and what this means for their online interactions.

We often see Donald Trump and his supporters referring to different conspiracy theories: wind turbine syndrome, Spygate, Great Replacement, and so the list goes on. In this case, his son, Eric Trump, tweeted something peculiar.

On the 3rd of January 2018, Eric posted a tweet about the so-called Deep State, another conspiracy theory repeatedly pushed by Donald Trump and others. His tweet, now removed, said: “Shocking… once again, here are the @Twitter “suggestions” of who I should follow. #DeepState”. The text was followed by a picture of the Twitter accounts of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Ellen DeGeneres apparently presented as follow suggestions to Eric Trump. Trump tweeted this to show how Twitter only suggested that he follow liberals and not right-wing politicians. People interpreted this as if, according to Trump, DeGeneres herself was part of the Deep State. This has not gone unnoticed by Ellen DeGeneres and her team, and it has caused some interesting interactions on Twitter. The conspiracy theory has not left everyone’s mind since, with multiple actors involved.

Ellen DeGeneres responded to Eric Trump’s tweet on her talk show. “I just wanna say, Eric, I am honored that you think that I’m powerful enough to be part of a government conspiracy,” she joked. “I am sorry to disappoint you, I am not part of the Deep State. Even if somebody wanted me to be involved, I don’t have that kind of time.” After she also posted the video on Twitter, most of Ellen’s followers responded in the same sarcastic manner. The claim did not make a serious impact on mainstream media, and the discussion has not been mentioned again on Ellen DeGeneres’ show since. Ellen’s executive producer Andy Lassner still jokes about the theory on Twitter, responding to right-wing activists and believers of the Deep State theory and telling them that “Ellen runs the deep state. Keep up.”

However, there is another side to this story. Even though Eric Trump deleted the controversial tweet, the theory that sprang from it is still alive and well. One important actor in this issue is a woman called Tiffany FitzHenry, who is an independent author, public speaker, and screenwriter. She calls herself “an active, vocal and visible Hollywood whistleblower”. On her website, she mentions her experience in Hollywood after studying film and screenwriting, and how she began to truly see how the system actually works from her viewpoint. With her website and articles, she works towards providing the public with meaningful and substantial alternatives to Hollywood. FitzHenry also sells her own merch, which consists mostly of t-shirts with quotes like “Conspiracy Theorists Are Sexy” and “Welcome To The Elite Apocalypse”.

There is also a Twitter account that has been connected to Tiffany FitzHenry, @RightWingWatch. It is an online magazine, and according to its Twitter bio, it functions as “a project of People For the American Way that monitors and exposes the activities of Radical Right political organizations”. The account once tweeted a video where FitzHenry was in conversation with a right-wing conspiracy theorist about Ellen DeGeneres being a CIA operative.

Kate Middleton and Ellen DeGeneres are 15th cousins.

During a 2011 episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the comedian said that she had received a letter from the New England Genealogical Society stating that she and the British royal were distantly related. 

According to the letter, the women are connected through a man named Sir Thomas Fairfax and his wife, Agnes Gascoigne, who lived in England in the 1500s.

Hillary Clinton Emails Talking About Ellen Willing To Do Whatever They Say:

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05787631 Date: 10/30/2015

RELEASE IN FULL From: H <hrod17@clintonemail.com> Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2011 1:54 PM To: ‘millscd@state.gov’

Subject: Re: If Ellen DeGeneres in LA

I spoke w her and she said she would do whatever we asked and so full speed ahead!

Still updating…….