Facebook announced its banning posts from former homosexuals describing journeys back to straight life.

Facebook has announced it is banning posts from former homosexuals describing their personal faith-based journeys to a straight life.

The social media giant has adopted a policy banning any statement that promotes or discusses what is derisively known as “conversion therapy” in an online post.

Among other political victories, homosexual activists have denounced so-called “conversion therapy” and successfully lobbied sympathetic state legislatures to ban it on the grounds it harms homosexuals, especially teens, who are vulnerable to suicide and depression.

Anne Paulk, a former lesbian, tells OneNewsNow she and her ministry, Restored Hope Network, are a specific target of the Facebook policy.

It is no secret that ministries similar to Restored Hope have been rocked by Christian leaders who “came out” and denounced their own beliefs, but Paul says her ministry exists for people who want to change. She does not go looking for them.

“It’s people who actually seek out our help and we are happy to provide it,” she says, “because I personally experienced this in my own life.

Former homosexuals, lesbians, and transgenders are routinely mocked and denounced by the same “Love Wins” movement that includes “Questioning” in its ever-growing acronym. 

“Questioning means someone who is figuring out their gender identity and figuring out how they want to identify their sexual orientation,” a spokesman for GLADD, an LGBT group, once told USA Today.

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