George Soros & Wayfair: Soros Owns a Large Portion of Wayfair.. Go Figure

Billionaire George Soros is rumored to be owning a large chunk of Wayfair, an American online furniture portal. Yes, the rumor is true. George Soros owns a big portion of the furniture retailer.

Wayfair conspiracy theory kicked off from a subreddit (r/conspiracy) on Reddit. The company is allegedly selling humans and children with their overly priced items such as cabinets, pillows, curtains, etc. All the WFX Utility is believed to be a huge cover for the company’s human trafficking racket.

He does not own Wayfair, however he had made big investments in the company in 2017. And he increased his net worth substantially. For exact figures, read George Soros and Wayfair’s relation.

Soros owns a large portion of Wayfair’s stocks. As described in an article by, Soros stocks generated gains of at least 46% in 2017. One of his five best-performing stocks recorded were Extreme Networks (NASDAQ:EXTR), Wayfair (NYSE:W), MakeMyTrip Limited (NASDAQ:MMYT), Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), and Genco Shipping & Trading (NYSE:GNK).

As of March 2020, SOROS FUND MANAGEMENT LLC, the fund was valued at $1,975,128,000. Check out Soros Wayfair stocks.

Name of IssuerCUSIPValue
SharesInvestment DiscretionVoting
Sole / Shared / None
WAYFAIR INC [NOTE 0.375% 9/0]94419LAB78,21710,500,000 PRNSOLE10500000 / 0 / 0
WAYFAIR INC [NOTE 1.125%11/0]94419LAD318,99027,971,000 PRNSOLE27971000 / 0 / 0