Hit Job Against Press TV


The M$M think they can hold their head up high and call Press TV exaggerators and liars. The M$M shills will report any lie about Iran the CIA tells them to. They did the same thing with Iraq of course. Remember the Iraqi soldiers who went into the hospitals and stole the incubators leaving babies to die? It never ends. What is hard to process is the amount of semi-moron Epsilons who believe every word the shills say. The UK does not want people hearing what Press TV has to say, it kind of conflicts with BBC’s line of utter bullshit.

The British government would tell you drones are bringing milk and cookies to children around the globe if they thought they could get away with it.


An Iranian TV station appears to have faked dozens of accounts of US drone strikes in Somalia which it says have killed hundreds of civilians.

Press TV, which was fined £100,000 by Ofcom on Thursday after the station hid the fact that a 2009 ‘interviewee’ was being forcibly detained in Iran, has reported the deaths of more than 1,370 people in drone strikes in Somalia since September this year, of which 383 are categorised as civilians.

But research by the Bureau, published in the Guardian, has found no evidence of the alleged 1,370 fatalities, stemming from 56 claimed drone strikes.

Highly suspect
The first known lethal US drone strike in Somalia occurred on June 23 2011. A small number of similar attacks appear to have taken place since then, possibly in conjunction with operations by the French and Kenyan militaries.

The Pentagon does not comment on drone strikes, so there are no official figures for the numbers of civilian deaths. For years, the US has been carrying out other covert missions in Somalia, but started using armed drones in Somalia in June.

However the number of strikes reported by Press TV are questionable.

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