Holy Grail of Facial Recognition Solved – Total Surveillance state cracks open champagne



  • identify criminals using grainy CCTV or mobile footage

  • automatically pick people on terror watchlist

  • proactive crime fighting and monitoring

  • quicker and better Customs checks at airports

  • check multiple identities simultaneously

  • richer online services (Facebook, Google)



  • false positives

  • risk for total surveillance

  • potential for abuse

  • people don’t necessarily know they’re being watched

  • the evidence on its own won’t hold up in court

  • can’t change face if “hacked”

Australian researchers believe they have solved the “holy grail” problem of face recognition.

Is it the most significant policing technology since DNA testing or the next privacy disaster waiting to happen, setting us on the path towards, as The Guardian’s editor puts it, “total surveillance”?

The battle lines have been drawn over face recognition technology, development of which Australia is at the forefront.

While NSW Police is keeping mum, the Australian Federal Police called face recognition a “potent tool” for linking criminals to crime while Customs said it could allow airport security clearances to be carried out in a more seamless fashion.

Private companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple are also investing heavily in face recognition.

University of Queensland professor Brian Lovell, project leader at federal government body NICTA’s advanced surveillance project, earlier this month won a global Asia-Pacific ICT Alliance award for his team’s five-year project, which he says solved the “holy grail” problem of face recognition.

For the first time, Lovell says he and his team have been able to use grainy, low quality CCTV video footage to identify individuals from databases and even find and track people as they move around an area.

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OZHOUSE EDITOR – The big brother total surveillance state just achieved a huge scientific milestone. They want total fascist control. Just imagine a world where face scanners, heartbeat tracers and pre crime detectors are everywhere because that world is coming shortly, it’s not 50 years away, it will be less than 25 conservatively. Protesters, dissidents and anyone the state does not like would be identified and arrested before they occupied or protested anything at all. The machine says your guilty! Now take him to the vaporizer…fun times ahead. This is not science fiction, this is the power the state will have in its hands shortly. 


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