Are We Living In A Computer Simulation ?

This is one interesting concept of life! But what we perceive may not be as real as it seems.. This theory states we are nothing but a model within a giant computer simulation which is ran by a super civilization from the future?

Post Human Civilization

Some people theorize that this program of life may actually be the work of an ancient civilization or even of extraterrestrial origin. Todays life could be an authentic simulation of what life was like thousands of years ago.. This would mean that we are experiencing ‘fake events’ which are orchestrated for the purpose of entertainment to these super-civilization which may not even be of human origin. To give you a good idea of this concept, it’s important for you to understand that there is more than one dimension which ‘plays’ out different scenarios within the same world which has over a million different outcomes. Now this all seems impossible but when you read about these different theories: The String Theory, Quantum Mechanics and Time Travel. The world doesn’t make sense, that’s why scientists have been trying to figure out the mysteries of our world for decades.. Still to this day, no one has come up with any answers which would explain everything.. But could this theory make complete sense?

A Real-Life Matrix?

The idea of being trapped in cyberspace has been covered in the movie, Matrix but this same idea has been around for centuries. But it received a lot of publicity when Nick Bostrom from the Department of Philosophy at Oxford University wrote a scientific paper called: “Are You Living In A Computer Simulation” in 2001. He argues that we are really living in a computer simulation because these simulated individual could accurately mimic the real world at any given time in history to the tiniest level. His final version of this paper appeared in the Philosophical Quarterly (2003), Vol. 53, No. 211, pp. 243-255. He argues that at least one of the following propositions is true:

(1) the human species is very likely to go extinct before reaching a “posthuman” stage; (2) any posthuman civilization is extremely unlikely to run a significant number of simulations of their evolutionary history (or variations thereof); (3) we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation.

While reading this, you might find this complete crazy. But if you realize where we most of our technology from; you would find that there is much more advance equipment out there that has been ‘Reseved-Engineered’ from Alien technology which has crashed here on Earth. Think how small computer chips have gotten over the years.. Or all the other technology that has gotten smaller and faster as time goes on.. There is a missing link between all inventions! But Bostrum believes that super-civilizations are not even representing the full capacity of the actual capability of these ‘super machines’ which could make calculations up to the smallest particle in the Universe. He writes:

“The computational power of a planetary-mass computer is 10^42 operations per second, and that assumes only already known nanotechnological designs, which are probably far from optimal. A single such computer could simulate the entire mental history of humankind (call this an ancestor-simulation) by using less than one millionth of its processing power for one second. A posthuman civilization may eventually build an astronomical number of such computers. We can conclude that the computing power available to a posthuman civilization is sufficient to run a huge number of ancestor-simulations even if it allocates only a minute fraction of its resources to that purpose.”

Some would say that we are on this path towards technology that could create this computer simulation as I mentioned above. I mean each year we are doubling the speed of computer processors, we are creating much-more realistic video games and even 3D technology has just hit the shelves. Think about it, you can digitally render clouds, water, terrain, and people by using a computer. So why can’t you render a entire universe?

Just A Computer ?

Today’s software (Poser 5) can create 3D images of landscapes, animals and even people! How long until software could create a 360 degree view of a simulated object? It’s almost to the point where you would not be able to distinguish between real-life or this simulation world.. You can even animate the objects, to make them walk, talk and even seen like a real person in this digital created world! If you could do this with your home computer, imagine a couple years from now..

Remember humans have feelings, emotions and personalities.. This simulation must be able to incorporate all these attributes both seamlessly and automatically! We already have ‘robot-humans’ called Artificial Intelligence which are copies of us humans which are used in research right now. But when will these A.I machines replace humans in this world? Not until everything, down to the the tiniest sub-atomic particle is figured out.. When the machine can think exactly like a human without any help from a slow computer system. But what about religious beliefs? It wouldn’t be no more or less important than it’s to humans now.. But can these simulated beings have souls?

This is only a part of the endless questions that arise from this argument.. No matter how much you discuss this with scientists. Would they only be ‘talking’ from the pre-programmed intelligence about spiritual feelings? But supporters of this theory suggest that simulations don’t distort the value of religious beliefs. It just represents a world within a world, which is controlled by being.. They are only subject to the same ‘Master Creator’ who created this world for entertainment. It only adds more fun to the game!

The greatest objection to this ‘simulated world’ is computer crashes.. Everyone who has or had a computer knowns that they are subject to problems. These crashes usually happen when the computer is put under great pressure when it goes beyond it’s capabilities. It’s simply needs to reboot its self to fix the problem, but sometimes it acquires a virus. Which means the software is poorly written or it wasn’t properly configured. The question is; Would these crashes affect the simulated universe? Well if there is corrupted data which cannot be recovered or if the system is no longer able to run the program due to outdated software. What would these crashes feel like to those stuck inside this created universe? It probably would feel like a very bad sickness or even death in some cases. This would be equal to a huge computer crash which left your machine in non-working condition. Do you know what happens after death?! Are we all living inside our own ‘created universe’ which slowly dies due to a biological clock that never stops?


So if we are really living inside a simulation, that’s why we need to keep the people running this program interested and happy. This is why when you put on the news, the only thing you hear is negativity which screws with out thoughts and actions to keep the ‘creator’ entertained? Is that why our world will never be peaceful, or easy to live.. Why are people starving? Why can’t everything be free? Why do we have to work? I could go on and on about all the issues within this world; that could be easily solved by making everything equal. But would that be any fun to the people who control this world?

Now this is a really fascination subject which hasn’t been proven to be true or false.. Now I always love a good theory. I think this simulated world theory puts a good spin on everything. Think about our fascination with laboratory rats and reality TV, which shows that humans love to observe the behavior of other people. With all the technology that is in this world, it seems like nothing is impossible. One day everything will have a explanation but for now we can only think about the possibilities of this strange world which no one knows anything about… Remember something could be watching you! Until now, don’t live life in fear! Don’t become a victim of this crazy world.. Don’t believe anything because everything has a creator. If you have a different thought on this theory please feel free to email me at