I have been taking a break from the corruption… But I cant anymore

What happened to America? What happened to the decency of the human race? The corruption has been running rampant especially in Democrat run cities and Trump pointed out which wasn’t even mentioned or cared about during the Presidential debates after in the Mainstream media. Now they will mute our president’s microphone during the debate.

When will the madness end? Now President Trump has been possibly exposed to Covid19 which doesn’t seem to be the case, but that’s what the MSM and others want you to believe. There been some talk of him being on a ship as well. So we are left with more questions than answers.

I’m confused and amazed with the coronavirus developments to this day. All I know is I seen the bullshit from the beginning and haven’t wore a mask yet! You can go back and see the personal posts I have posted from back when it all was getting started. I can’t believe people still haven’t put the facts together or believe that masks, gloves and faceshields will be the new normal.

The election will be coming up soon, either expect a total fraud or not an election at all.. We will just have to wait and see. Trust me I don’t want creepy Joe as our puppet master. We will all be screwed! NWO is here and we can only hope that they back off of the complete control of the Earth.

Ill try to post more often, I just needed to escape the corruption which no one seems to care about! Lets take back our freedom and remove these corrupt politicians! MAGA…