Iranian military shoots down US spy drone – AFP spin doctors are on the case!

AFP spin doctors are on the case. Oh, we only “briefly” violated their airspace, why ever did they shoot it down? Give me a break, I bet that drone violated Iranian airspace like Gene Simmons violates a virgin on a Friday night. I wonder how America would react to an Iranian drone “briefly” violating US airspace?

AFP – Iran’s military on Sunday shot down a US Army RQ-170 unmanned aerial vehicle after it “briefly violated” Iranian territory in the east, near the Afghanistan and Pakistan borders, local media said.

Al-Alam Arabic language satellite channel, quoting a military source, said the drone was shot down “a few hours ago.”

Fars news agency said the drone had violated Iran’s airspace at its eastern borders. Fars has close ties to the Revolutionary Guards, an elite force in charge of the country’s air defence and missile programmes.

“Our air defence and electronic warfare units managed to identify and shoot down an advanced unmanned spy aircraft — RQ-170 — after it briefly violated the eastern border territory,” Fars said, quoting an unnamed military source.

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