Joe Biden Facing Ridicule After Revealing He “Sits On The Toilet Backwards”

At the end of a press conference that can only be described as nothing less than bizarre, presidential candidate Joe Biden wrapped up his speech with a personal anecdote involving his morning routine. The story definitely did not seem necessary. It did not seem relevant and I’m sure Biden had intended this story to be a lighthearted end before leaving the stage. However, it was anything but that.

“We all have 24 hours in a day. Sure there are things you need to do. Each morning after I finish my cereal, like every other American, I go to the bathroom. But I don’t just do that, I’m hunched over writing ideas, my notepad on the toilet top.” Biden continued, “(laughing) that’s the great thing about the toilet really, why do you think they designed it like a desk? So when you sit doing your business, you can also take care of business.” – Washington Post

I had never seen less reporter hands go up in a press conference. After the first part he could have played it off as someone who just likes to take notes on the john. Weird but whatever. But then he went on to clarify. “Why do you think they designed it like a desk?”

I was speechless.

And to remove any and all doubt, he later confirmed that he does in fact sit on the toilet backwards. What’s worse? He didn’t know he was sitting on it backwards… for 77 YEARS this man thought sitting on the toilet backwards was the correct way.

“Yeah that wasn’t – my staffer brought it up to me.” Biden explained in a follow up interview with MSNBC, “Apparently not everyone sits on the toilet like that. Apparently I sit on it backwards. I think it was – I don’t know it made sense to me it’s a good place to eat your cereal. Efficient. I guess. (Laughter).” – MSNBC

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