Last man to share jail cell with Jeffrey Epstein died last month of COVID

The last man to share a cell with Jeffrey Epstein died last month in a Bronx apartment after catching coronavirus at a jail for cooperating witnesses.

Efrain “Stone” Reyes, 51, was found dead in bed on Nov. 27 at his mother’s apartment, the NYPD confirmed. In August 2019 he shared a cell with Epstein, only to be transferred to the privately-run Queens Detention Facility the day before the accused sex trafficker hanged himself, according to his family and Bureau of Prisons records.

Reyes’s niece, Angelique Lopez, said Epstein was paired with her uncle because he had a bad leg and was mild mannered.

“They took him to my uncle because he had a broken leg. He was disabled. My uncle kept to himself. He was laid back,” Lopez, 27, said. “(Epstein) liked to read a lot and he kept to himself. He wasn’t a problem starter or too loud. My uncle said he was a good cellmate.”

Reyes, who pleaded guilty to a narcotics conspiracy involving crack and heroin at Bronx housing projects, saw firsthand that Epstein was trapped between inmates and cruel correctional officers, according to Lopez.

“They knew how much money he had. They said let’s push him around and extort him for money. They thought they could get his money,” Lopez said. “They were asking how Epstein was when he was in the cell, if he seemed suicidal. They were asking if he had any indication that he would do that. My uncle cooperated.”

Reyes caught COVID-19 at the Queens private jail commonly known by the name of its operator, GEO. The News previously reported that the jail, which recently held rapper-turned-cooperator Tekashi69, was overrun with coronavirus early in the pandemic.