Location of Hunter’s Bath Photo Identified: 7560 Jalmia Way, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Critics claim the meta data of the content on hard drive is inaccurate! But we know that’s a lie! We found actual photos of the bathtub which was being rented on AirBnb. This also adds more truth to claims that other contents of the hard drive are authentic too. It’s interesting to see what happens from all of this….

Bath tub image:

Meta data:

ImageDescription: HUNTER BIDEN pictures recovered from Hunter Biden's hard drive - MUST ASK PHOTODESK BEFORE USING
Make: Apple
Model: iPhone 8 Plus
CreateDate: 2018:08:27 15:39:25
GPSLatitude: 34.117667
GPSLongitude: -118.359667
Title: IMG_0071.jpg

Enter GPS coordinates and you get: 7560 Jalmia Way, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Currently advertised as: Urban Zen Sanctuary for Mindfulness ($480 a night)
Modern Balinese Zen Spa Retreat in Hollywood Hills – Link: [link to www.airbnb.com ]