If malls want to survive, turn crumbling parking lots into housing, expert says

As malls across the United States begin to reopen some will already have an advantage.

Super retail centers used to have a bustling economy but many of these malls launched plans over a year ago to morph into a mixed-use town center infused with a residential community.

“Malls’ greatest assets are the crumbling parking lot around it,” said Paco Underhill, a retail sales expert and founder of Envirosell, a New York firm that studies and analyzes business trends. “U.S. shopping malls are outdated compared to other parts of the world. Most U.S. shopping malls have no supermarkets and nobody living there. In other parts of the world, people live work and play around shopping centers.”

Some of these old IBM campuses have been repurposed and turned into one-stop shopping lifestyle,” LaBarbiera said. “You see some incubator companies, startups – young people walking down from their apartments to go get coffee, run and get haircuts – it’s not a bad lifestyle if you think about it.”

Fast approved zoning changes around many malls will include housing to help meet states affordable housing obligation. Most of the apartments will be low-to-moderate income units.

The final phase of the project will be the residential neighborhood, which will feature tree-lined streets and a promenade. A public park will be a centerpiece and lead to an open-air plaza and adjoining fields.

So is this the NWO housing which is all around the world? You can expect smaller apartments/house sizes and just the necessities. No high living or expensive finishes. Here is a quote of what they are thinking back in 2018:

There are five key areas that will influence how successfully inclusive prosperity can be delivered:-

­New World Order: Work – (Disrupting People): (changes in economy hollowing out middle of the U.S.; adapting to A.I.; skills and retraining; the “new”retail; igniting small business and entrepreneurship; access to employment)

New World Order: Society (Disrupting Norms): (lack of domestic migration; effects of the cultural divide; impact of addiction; role of media)

New World Order: Financial Services (Disrupting: Money): (inclusive financial policy; leveraging Fin Tech; access to credit for the poor)

New World Order: Government (Disrupting Policy): (poverty as a priority; access to housing; access to education; examining income inequality)

New World Order: Cities (Disrupting: Poverty): (adapting to gentrification; cities of the future; thriving in the age of automation)

Oldest Mall In USA Converted Into 48 Micro Lofts

Posted February 27, 2019:

Coinciding with the tiny house movement over the last several years, there has also been a big push to repurpose old buildings.

Proponents argue that it’s a great way to approach solving the housing crisis facing many young people who have been priced out of current the rental market. Why build new houses for people to live in when we already have so many abandoned buildings currently sitting vacant? Wouldn’t it be easier to just convert these old buildings into housing?

Owner Evan Granoff wanted to convert the space into something both livable and affordable, and thus his micro loft concept was born. The mall is located right in downtown Providence and the smallest units cost just $750/month. For downtown living in a major US city, that is practically unheard of. In fact, as soon as the units hit the market they were all rented out almost immediately.

The mall, now called The Providence Arcade features one floor of small retail shops. On the second and third floors, they built 48 tiny micro loft apartments, with unit sizes varying between 225 and 800 square feet.

Although none of the units are allowed to have a stove because of housing codes, for most of the residents that is just fine.


So there you have it; This idea has been planned since a couple years ago. Most likely longer by the United Nations and the elite. Covid was the perfect way to implement all these insane New World Order ideas. The sad part is it’d working and people are bowing down. America is no more, your malls will be turned into small apartments for the poor. Nothing will be the same. As you can read below; here is some more stupid ideas by those who think we should be NWO sheep who just obey..

I give you the America of tomorrow.

Love at an acceptable social distance will be, uh, different. New dating apps will be created that incorporate encrypted security, allowing couples “intimate” chats without fear because their two-way video exchanges won’t be recorded or broadcast over social media.

Giant 100-inch monitors will be the rage among singles who desire a virtual room in which 12 images are shown in a Zoom-type environment that’ll be perfect for flirting. No longer will a geeky guy feel embarrassed when the hot girl at the end of the bar shuns his advances. She’ll simply terminate his video feed and he can move on. Rejection by mouse click. No shame in that.

Following an exchange of medical records, in-person meetings will take place after a long, socially distant courtship. Fathers across America will be happy to learn “virtual weddings” only require camera and audio equipment. No reception. The couple will go back to their apartment for a virtual honeymoon on gifted headsets since non-essential travel remains banned — except for celebrities.

The COVID-19 social distancing regimen will deal a death blow to the liberal planners who had California teetering toward high-density regulations for everything from single-family housing to dog kennels.

Five-story tall apartment buildings crammed into residential neighborhoods were so close to reality, the planners could smell victory. But, alas, the glorious dream of apartments placed on top of shops with rapid transit rail stops just outside was foiled by this damn virus.

Large companies with office towers or complexes must redesign the way they do business. Working at home will be an option for many, but productivity will suffer when there’s no boss snooping around for results.

European commercial real estate companies will test a design they call the “Six-foot Office.” This is because they believe, as many American experts do, that a new approach to the business office layout is required. This will impact even smaller offices like insurance agencies. The “Six-foot Office” will feature paper desk pads meant to be discarded daily and Plexiglas barriers high enough to block germ flow.

This requirement will impact schools, too. Staggered attendance and extended hours for upper grades will be worked out to utilize classroom space and transportation equipment. School will be a 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. job for everyone.

As already discussed by health officials, health checks before you enter a building for work, deliveries, play or food will be the norm. For businesses, that’s an extra security expense right there.

Meanwhile, because social distancing and mass transit are conceptually at odds, longer trains with extra cars and half-empty buses will be a must. That will mean more losses on the balance sheet, bigger government bailouts and higher ticket prices.