Massachusetts Contact Tracing NGO Part Of Clinton Pedophile Ring In Haiti

The state of Massachusetts has authorized an NGO named PIH which is connected to child abduction and pedophilia trafficking in Haiti via the Clinton Foundation, to operate in the state as a Contact Tracing organization.

PIH is a Clinton-Soros backed non profit that has been awarded a contract in Massachusetts to do Contact Tracing. Contact Tracing allows a state-sanctioned agency (NGO, governmental, etc.) to ultimately enter your home or have a parallel police-accompanied agency enter your home. They will do an inventory of your family, your number of children, the number of other adults in your house. They will make a human map of how close your relatives are, and how often you are in contact with your neighbors.

TLDR: This article is over 2800 words, so the following bullet points outline the main ideas so that they can be understood and this article can be shared with confidence in the facts it covers. 

  1. Children in group homes are 2800% (28 times) more likely to be sexually abused and raped than children who live with their parents according to a John Hopkins University Study (link below)
  2. Contact Tracing is being handled by NGOs and State governments which are financed various ways. HR 6666 provides financing for these even though states and other NGO’s can finance the work on their own where possible. (HR 6666 is not required for this scandal to take place. )
  3. Contact tracing ultimately allows the state to take children from homes where there is  Covid-19 infection. Like HR 6666, you will not find that stated overtly in the literature the programs produce about themselves. It is an omission made possible because the authority to take children for health crisis reasons already exists in laws on the books. If children have guardians (i.e. parents) requiring quarantining or Covid-19 treatment
  4. Massachusetts (so far, we expect this nation-wide) is allowing a Clinton Foundation connected NGO named PIH, which through the foundation is tied to pedophilia and human trafficking, organ trafficking, child slavery and prostitution – under the auspices of healthcare for children without guardians. PIH will work with police and CPS to remove children from home (in the below as “cannot separate themselves from their children easily”)
  5. That the Clinton Foundation backed PIH specifically is involved in Contact Tracing even though their work in Haiti is with children’s health allows us to verify what Contact Tracing will be used for, at least partly. Those requiring more evidence connecting the focus on children’s health to Contact Tracing, please read the whole article below.

H.R 6666 at the federal level allows federal financing for these operations that will take place at the state level. But these programs can take place at the state level using other budgetary means.

Contrary to ‘fact-checking’ misinformation from the MSM about HR 6666, it does ultimately allow for what citizen journalists are saying it does. We have established that in this piece. The take away from the introduction makes it more clear:

<< FRN Accurately reported on HR 6666, it ultimately allows contact tracers into your home, and ultimately CPS can take your children. Reuters and Snopes should be reprimanded for lying to the American people about the ultimate potential ends of HR 6666.

While our coverage never used the word ‘stranger’, a person unknown to another even if acting under the color of authority, such as a contact tracer or CPS employee, is by definition a stranger. HR 6666 does allow strangers ultimately to enter the home within the context of Covid-19 testing and contact tracing.

HR 6666 is one piece of legislation coming after the establishment of Child Protective Services in 1974. Snopes and Reuters are misinforming and misleading the public about what we are saying about HR 6666 #HR6666 . HR 6666 doesn’t  mention children, but this is not how legislation works. 

Pieces of legislation are not stand alone, they do not nullify previous legislation unless explicitly so, and a new piece of legislation does not need to recapitulate a summary of prior existing legislation which the new legislation builds upon and assumes powers from. 

There are at least two ways CPS can take children because of HR 6666. In 46 years of CPS, there are many rulings and codes which affirm that if the CPS determines the child’s welfare or health is in jeopardy, the CPS can take custody of the child.

1: Parents with serious infectious illnesses are a type of health issue posed as a serious risk to the child – so CPS can take custody. 2: If the parents need to be quarantined away from the home and away from children, and because children need guardianship at all times, CPS can take children. 

“A study by John Hopkins University found that children who are in foster care are four times more likely to be sexually abused than other children not in this setting. Additionally, children who are in group homes are 28 times more likely to be abused than children not living in these homes.”>>

This whole Contact Tracing scheme is all under the auspices of tracking a virus which as an airborne (or practically airborne/aerosolized particle) disease that spreads in public places, cannot be ‘contact traced’ the way that HIV or Hepatitis can.

These, among many other reasons, are how we know that the ‘new normal’ being introduced is about introducing a new layer of the police state we are living in, which is run by a ruling class with an ideology or religion that, undeniably (and increasingly so), is based upon child abduction, pedophilia, human and organ trafficking, and child prostitution.

‘Contact tracing’ is little more than a cover for the real aims which is about social control, and because pedophile and child traffickers gravitate precisely to positions where the work lends itself to the ease of doing so, especially under the color of authority, we know that Contact Tracing will significantly increase these crimes.

As an aside, anyone who wanted to abduct your children would want the same kind of information. Knowing your financial resources, how many adults live in the home (how many adults are invested in your child’s well-being and the resources connected to that), your standing in your community, are all factors that go into the casing that would-be abductors carry out in finding the ideal target victim.

PIH was the same PIH that operated in Haiti and is connected by way of the Clinton Foundation to the well documented epidemic of child abductions that happened in connection with said Clinton Foundation in Haiti.

Some of the supporting information, presented below, are by Raul Diego from his piece in Mint Press News that ran 14 May 2020. Mr. Diego has done excellent work in showing how the Covid-19 Community Tracing Collaborative in partnership with PIH is highly problematic. This is due to PIH’s history as a Clinton Foundation and George Soros backed NGO that operated in Haiti. He connected it to a regime change operation, which is true.

But the bigger part of the story that explains why exactly a Clinton/Soros backed NGO that operated in Haiti would be so problematic in relation to Contact Tracing is left untouched in his piece.

While we appreciate that a report about something can’t say everything there could be said under the sun about a subject, the glaring dots that need to be connected – because the lines draw right through them – and this is left for us to do. We recommend reading Diego’s piece in its entirety on the Mint Press site.

When Clinton was head of the State Department, she was able to work with even more authority to support the child-abduction, pedophilia, white-slavery and human and organ trafficking network that she leads.

When hero and martyr Seth Rich leaked the Clinton emails to Wikileaks, among them was direct evidence that Clinton was involved in making sure that numerous pedophiles had first access to orphaned children in Haiti.

This entire report is far from definitive, for time and research resource reasons, and for readability’s sake, we can’t include everything here. Search engines like DuckDuckGo deliver better results than the Deep State controlled Google.

All the dots being put together here have been proven and established in verified citizen journalism and also wikileaks, before.

But remember that Monica Peterson who did thorough investigative reporting and outed the Clinton Foundation and PIH (and others) pedophile ring in Haiti, was “suicided“. 

Recall that when a Clinton backed NGO operating in Haiti was caught trying to kidnap children, Bill Clinton pressured the Haitian government for their release.

In a May 3rd 2017 report in the Curacao Chronicle,  they summarize the finding as:

Author Peter Schweizer later described in his book “Clinton Cash” how hundreds of millions of dollars in US taxpayer-funded reconstruction contracts for Haiti flowed through the Clinton Foundation during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

According to minutes of a January 27, 2010, meeting between senior State Department staff, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents uncovered “at least a couple pedophiles” attempting to adopt children in Haiti following the earthquake. The State Department was reportedly working with the Haitian government to expedite adoptions and removal to the United States of Haitian orphans.

Mr. Diego writes:

A new contact tracing program was recently unveiled in Massachusetts in partnership with Partners in Health, an NGO with links to US regime change operations, big pharma and the Clinton Foundation.

Last week, the State of Massachusetts began implementing a contact tracing program in partnership with a Boston-based organization with ties to the biggest names in big pharma, the George Soros’ Open Society and the Clinton Foundation. Those ties go back decades and include U.S. intelligence assets and regime-change operations in Haiti including Operation Uphold Democracy, in which American troops invaded the Caribbean nation to clean up after the CIA-sponsored coup against Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

In April, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced the partnership, called the COVID-19 Community Tracing Collaborative, with Partners in Health (PIH), a non-profit organization with highly questionable patronage and an even more dubious history.

The program will be led by PIH’s chief medical officer, Dr. Joia Mukherjee, who described the goals of the contact tracing initiative as well as some of the authorities granted to PIH by the state of Massachusetts to NPR, such as making assessments about whether families have “the ability, the space, the food needed, the employment, the money to safely quarantine” and assigning social service assistants in case they fail to meet the necessary criteria.

The disturbing implications are clear. But, just in case it escaped any NPR listeners, Dr. Mukherjee made it abundantly clear when she tried to assuage the concerns of a Massachusetts contact tracer about parents who might be “infecting their children.” Mukherjee assures listeners that PIH will be there to help families who “cannot separate themselves from their children easily“.

The Massachusetts state website has published a guide and overview of the program, containing cursory insight about the protocols contact tracers and contacted homes are to follow and it reads like something out of the 1985 dystopian sci-fi thriller “Brazil.”

A graphic from the MA state website demonstrating how the community contact tracing program will work

The process begins with a phone call in which you are asked for “a list of all of the people you were within six feet of during the two days before you had symptoms.” It then states that contacted people are free to report anyone else they believe should have a visit from the PIH, asking for their phone numbers “so they can be called and cared for.”

But who is Partners in Health, besides a Boston-based 501(c)3 non-profit founded by a few “ordinary people with an extraordinary ambition“? A look into its background uncovers a dark history intricately linked to the 1994 American invasion of Haiti called “Operation Uphold Democracy,” an operation Mintpress touched on in coverage of the attempted deportation of CIA-backed war criminal, Emmanuel “Toto” Constant.

Unsavory links to unsavory people

In a book written by a former United States Army Military Intelligence lieutenant about the NGO’s origins, the author relates that then 23-year Paul Farmer – one of the five founders of Partners in Health – “clearly considered himself a champion of human rights.” The telling passage describes how the young doctor-to-be challenges a U.S. Army captain about the release of a local sheriff named Nerva Juste.

Farmer wanted Juste in U.S. custody, arguing that “preventative detention” was necessary in a country that had “no functioning legal system.” As Farmer was somehow advising U.S. military personnel on proper strategy, his future co-founder was also in Haiti and barley 18 years of age.

Ophelia Dahl, the daughter of renowned British novelist and intelligence officer serving as a liaison between Churchill and FDR, had arrived in Haiti as a “volunteer working with an ophthalmic organization with some handicapped children in Port au Prince.” Dahl eventually met Farmer and later formed PIH with their other very “ordinary” founding partners: Jim Yong Kim, the twelfth president of the World Bank, Tom White, Boston’s “greatest philanthropist” and Todd McCormack, corporate VP of a “sports, fashion and events powerhouse” that would later be purchased by business magnate Ari Emanuel in 2014.

The “ophthalmic organization” Dahl cites was an American NGO run by the sixth bishop of Upper South Carolina of the (EDUSC)Rev. William A. Beckham, in partnership with local Haitian cleric, Father Fritz Lafontant. Farmer and Dahl met at one of the NGO’s many healthcare-centered missions that had gotten underway just two years earlier.

The Episcopal church organized “medical trips” to the remote village of Cange in Haiti and began financing engineering projects in the community to provide clean water. Later, a Clemson University program called CEDC (Clemson Engineers For Developing Countries) partnered with the EDUSC and continues to work in concert with them and Partners in Health after its founding in 1987.

Big pharma on board

The relationship between Farmer and the Clinton Foundation spans decades. PIH has “worked with the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP) to stimulate entrepreneurship for smallholder farmers in Haiti,” in addition to similar projects “throughout Africa, from Liberia to Rwanda.” The organization has even built clinics on the Island in partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative.

With such an intimate connection revolving around the Clinton Foundation’s healthcare projects, it should come as no surprise that PIH’s biggest donors and partners feature some of the largest pharmaceutical corporations currently set to profit from the COVID-19 pandemic, including Eli Lilly and Co., Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer among many more.

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