My Coronavirus Theory – What’s the Truth?

When it comes to truth and the coronavirus; everything must be taken with a grain of salt because we cant really trust the communist Chinese media or even our mainstream news at this point. Which we always said before this outbreak, but what gets me is that we have been taking everything the MSM has been saying about the virus as truth.

One thing we do know; the stock markets are crashing. I have lost lot of my profits as did many of others due to the coronavirus crash! The funny thing is many of the rich including Jeff Bezos sold lots of his stock not to long before the big crash. Seems like the markets are re-correcting back to their original prices before Trump was in office. Could this be a way for the rich to profit off the entire coronavirus situation?

Think about it; They know no one will beat Trump in the next election. They know the stock market will do good when President Trump has been reelected. We saw that this year, the markets were at their highest in awhile; me and everyone else profits were about 20% on the low side. Now I have some in the negative but Ill hold and buy more because I have faith it will return to higher levels once this coronavirus has ended.

Now Ill focus my attention on the companies who are profiting in great numbers from this outbreak. Think about all the cleaning supplies, N95 Masks, food and other commodities which have been flying off the shelves globally and could possible go out of stock much like the N95 masks which we saw recently. I would suggest everyone stock up on water, food and other supplies! I have seen people wearing the masks in public; makes me and everyone else feel uncomfortable.

But this could all be planned spreading and control over the virus by the shadow government. Which we all know the virus originated from the secret virus lab in Wuhan. Now it spreading across to Italy, Iran, US, Australia and everywhere else, is no accident. It was planned this way to create global havoc and depopulate the earth which is outlined in Agenda 21 which is supported by the United Nations. Mostly Chinese people have died but they are mutating it; to provide deaths to those of European decent.

My other theory I have been thinking about; is that all this scare tactics is only a way for the CDC, FDA and other governmental agencies to claim they need ‘martial law’ or as the media calls it lockdowns. It has been working for China; how many people have they locked in their homes/apartments to only starve or die from the virus? Sure we cant be certain on whats happening but China has deployed ‘kill teams’ as we saw in the one video of people in medical gear carrying weapons for a unknown cause. Figure if China used their ‘Social Scores’ to take out those less desirable as deemed by the communist government.

Now on to America; this could be the reason the CDC, FDA and Government were waiting for to claim Mandatory Vaccines to inject Americans with the ‘kill shot’ to provide comfort to those who believe this virus will kill them. The reason I say about the vaccine is that; The CDC has claimed this virus could stick around to 2025. They claim this will be along with the Flu virus every year now… Now how’s that possible? Unless they were intentionally spreading it every year from this point forward. Now mixed with a untested vaccine which are garbage anyway, please don’t take any vaccines!

Everything is pointing to a complete conspiracy behind this coronavirus…. I might have missed a couple of points or ideas but I have been busy doing preps and enjoying life. I will begin posting more today and this weekend!