Michelle Obama Given PBS Show After Democrats Gave Public Broadcaster $75 Million in Coronavirus Relief Bill

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has been given a show by PBS starting next week, the taxpayer funded network announced Friday. The timing of the announcement comes after Democrats marked $75 million for PBS’s parent the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in the coronavirus relief bill that passed at the end of March.

Newsbusters reported the $75 million is on top of the $465 million given CPB in the current year’s federal budget, which is an increase of $20 million over the previous year. Local PBS and NPR stations receive funding from CBP as well as donations from the public, businesses and charitable foundations.

When a crisis hits and a massive legislative package is organized to meet it, it’s never surprising when Democrats go to supporting their own media assets. So there on page 746 of the 854-page “stimulus” bill is a provision granting $75 million to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting “to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus, including for fiscal stabilization grants to public telecommunications entities.”

This isn’t about keeping the public informed, since every other news network is offering coronavirus information nearly 24/7. This is about maintaining the PBS and NPR stations. The bill directs the CPB to take out “no administrative costs” to pass the money along, “to maintain programming and services and preserve small and rural stations threatened by declines in non-Federal revenues.”

Obama will be hosting a weekly children’s show for the next four weeks, reading books to kids who are being kept at home while schools are closed due to pandemic stay at home orders.

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