‘Most Wanted’ Fraudster Fugitive Gets 105 Years – Boeing was rewarded for similar crimes?!?


I want to know why this guy got 105 years but Boeing can fleece millions  out of the US taxpayer by massively overcharging on parts, for example – $1600 for an $8 part – and face nothing, see HERE. Could it be that certain corporations are invincible?

This guy sold defective parts, Boeing make up prices out of thin air to put on the blank cheque book we were stupid enough to give them…either way, the taxpayer funded military is getting ripped off for millions…this guy goes to prison but Boeing are rewarded with more contracts. You do the math.


ALEXANDRIA, Va. (CN) – Former Most Wanted fugitive Roger Day Jr. was sentenced Thursday to 105 years in federal prison for conspiring to defraud the Pentagon of $11.2 million by supplying defective and nonconforming parts for military aircraft, vehicles and weapons systems.

Roger Charles Day Jr., 47, formerly of Long Valley, N.J., also was ordered to forfeit 3,496 ounces of gold bars and coins, two SUVs and $2.1 million, his profits from the scam, the Justice Department said in announcing the sentence.

Day was also fined $3 million and ordered to pay $6.2 in restitution to the Defense Logistics Agency.

A jury convicted him on Aug. 25 with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiring to launder money, conspiring to smuggle gold out of the United States and wire fraud. He was arrested in Cancun, Mexico in 2010 and extradited in December that year.

Before his latest caper, Day was sentenced in Newark, in August 1999, to 8 years in federal prison for a similar scheme, and sentenced against in October 1999, to 7 years in state prison, for conspiring to defraud Newark and its Board of Education.

Five other defendants have pleaded guilty.


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