Nearly $500,000 raised for jailed salon owner Shelley Luther

Shelley Luther defied Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order about closing her business. She opened her salon and was charged for it. She has now been sentenced to jail for being “selfish” and defying government. On top of that, she was fined $7,000. That’s the bad news, which we covered in the latest episode of the NOQ Report Podcast.

The good news came the next day. First, she found out that Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is going to pay her fine. Then, she learned her GoFundMe is nearing $500,000 in donations. Not bad for a week in jail.

There are times when GoFundMe campaigns go viral for the wrong reasons. This campaign for Shelley Luther is spot on, as we discussed in our podcast today. She represents true American patriotism. We need more of that during this crisis.