The Next UPCOMING Disaster….

We all know something is about to happen in the United States and across the globe… Lately the weather has been awful crazy…. It rains in my state about 4 days out of the week. It never use to rain this much, and their has been a lot of flooding and it’s only gotten worse over the last year. The weather has been crazy everywhere in the United States.. It’s still not warm outside and its almost May.. It skips over seasons, Now it’s only Winter and Summer… Natural Disasters have been happening like every month.. This past winter we had record snow falls, but the worst thing that happened in 2011 was the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami and the Nuclear Melt-Down which is still leaking today… It seems like the mainstream media gets “distracted” from every disaster… It’s because they want to draw you attention away from one thing by telling you something else happened…

The Nuclear Power Plant in Japan is still leaking radioactive material…No one is trying to clean it up just like the BP Oil Spill…. This radiation has already made it across the globe a couple times and it’s polluting our milk, our food and our bodies.. This is only the beginning of the plan… They need to create another disaster which will really get people scared… How about flooding entire parts of the USA? Well that’s a plan already in the making… This picture was put out by the NOAA Shoreline…

Now that’s a pretty scary image to look at… Pretty much half of the coastal states are GONE! Will these people die with the states? It’s possible, Can you count on FEMA to evacuate you? No, they might put you into one of their Concentration Camps which are placed all cross the United States. Also notice on that picture how close it is to where BP was drilling in the Gulf of Mexico..Think this has a connection? It does! This will be the start of the flooding, They have already messed up the fault line and it’s only a matter of time before they use HAARP to “disturb” the ocean currents to produce this mass flooding… Now it pretty much goes all the way up the Mississippi river almost into the great lakes.. Not to mention all the active volcanoes in the United States..

This is how the government will depopulate the nation, by using Natural Disasters! They have HAARP, In-case you don’t know it’s a high power, high-frequency phased array radio transmitter with a set of 180 antennas in Alaska and more across the globe..It’s operated by the US Military/Government so right there tells you that it’s a “weapon.” Going back to the Japan earthquake many people stated that the clouds looked “weird” after the earthquake. Now that makes me think that HAARP was using to create that disaster! In my other post I included a link to the video but trust me this was a planned disaster… On TV they showed a lot of footage from the time the tsunami happened and it was like the water just got bigger instantly! There are too many things that point to a next MEGA disaster…

Even the Moon and the Sun have been acting weird.. Sometimes I noticed that it even rises later than usual, Now could that mean our world is slowing down? NASA or any scientist will not come forward about any of these events because they are scared of what the government might do.. Just like when all those animals MYSTERIOUSLY died all across the US…. It wasn’t just Birds, it was fish and other animals as well. They came up with all different explanations about how they died but we know that’s a LIE! They died from a “brutal shock” but what could cause that? HAARP! Now I’m not sure if this device could kill us as well but I know I haven’t felt my self in over three months now… I have been having weird heart palpation’s, stuffy/bloody nose and feeling weak…

I know something is about to happen on the global scale, it’s only a matter of time before people start connecting the dots.. I have done a lot of research on the web to come to this conclusion.. You can do the same by looking to HAARP, Mysterious Animal Deaths, Earthquakes and other anonymities…I can’t do all the work for you but I can open your eyes and let you come to your own conclusion.. If something seems too crazy to be true, you better believe that it was planned that way by the “shadow people” of our government…

If that’s not weird, Lately those weird Spirals have been popping up across the globe… It first started in Norway but now has been spotted in China, Russia and a couple other countries.. So are these spirals also connected to HAARP? It’s possible but it’s just another part into this mass killing spree by the government… Is it to another dimension or a black hole? I love how no scientists come forward once again about these weird phenomenons happening across the globe… So is their a government gag-order? Why are they trying to hide this information from the public?

We are doomed! I’m telling you people! 2012 doesn’t seem so bad.. It’s just a distraction for the real problems about to happen which will be way worse than any of us could imagine.. Now these Chemtrails have been getting thicker and more frequent but this is just a part of the plan. Chemtrails, HAARP, and ELF Towers are tools that are being used by the government to alter our world to their liking… There is nothing we can do either! They are just destroying our world right in front of our eyes! Do some research! Tell your friends and family! I can’t include everything that I have found but I can tell you that more bad things will be coming in the near future! Watch this video below for some other theories but if you have any information send it to

Disclose.tvPROOF THAT THEY INTEND TO create a disaster Video

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  1. OMG! OMG! OMG!
    The United States is now nothing but swamps and marshes
    But now that we all evolved into amphibians, it really isn’t so bad.
    At least mating is lot easier.

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