‘No security scan, no fly’ policy to remain in force at UK airports – They don’t want you escaping their prison


The “no security scan, no fly” policy at British airports is to remain in place despite EU demands that passengers be allowed a pat-down search instead, ministers have said.

The transport secretary, Justine Greening, said the refusal to allow passengers to opt-out from scanning was justified by the security threat to Britain and would be imposed through powers under the Aviation Security Act.

“Those passengers selected for scanning will therefore not be able to fly if they are not willing to be scanned,” Greening said.

She also said that the use of certain x-ray security scanners at some British airports will not be banned despite European commission concerns about the health risks.

Ministers are to wait for further scientific work before deciding whether to ban the use of so-called “backscatter” scanners.

Brussels has halted all new trials of the machines while a safety report is compiled because of concerns that they could cause long-term health damage including cancer. In the UK, the Health Protection Agency has said they are safe for travellers to go through as many as 5,000 times a year and deliver a radiation dose equal to that received naturally in two minutes of flying at high altitude.

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OZHOUSE EDITOR – You think you got it bad America? At least you get an opt out. Poor Brits cannot even fly out of their prison without being radiated by big brother. They don’t want Brits to escape their prison state without giving them cancer first. Get on a boat and get off that Orwellian prison island, the mother of big brother – while you still can. The UK will go total police state before America does, just watch. Americans are living in the land of milk and honey freedom next to Britain. More Americans have the guts to say NO! Get your radiation machine out of my face you Stasi bastard – I’m a goddamn American.


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