Nancy Pelosi Tells Hillary Clinton: ‘We Can’t Move on’ from Capitol Riot, Members ‘Traumatized’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) joined twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for a bonus episode of the You and Me Both podcast and talked about the January 6 protest at the U.S. Capitol, telling the former Trump challenger that lawmakers “can’t move on” from the protest, as members were “traumatized” by the events.

I think everyone listening knows what happened on January 6, when the United States Capitol was attacked by a group of seditionist, insurrectionist traitors,” Clinton said, kicking off the bonus episode of the podcast before asking Pelosi how she is “holding up.”

“I’m sad. I’m deeply sad, because here it is, the Capitol, this symbol of democracy to the world, being overrun by people who are being incited by a person who is not speaking truth,” Pelosi told Clinton:

“Everybody said, ‘Well, we’ve got to move on.’ No, we can’t move on,” she declared. “We can’t move on. We will move on, but we have to take stock of what this is.”

Pelosi detailed what occurred as she was whisked out of the chamber, explaining that Democrat members were “traumatized” by the turn of events, hiding under chairs and belly-crawling across the gallery:

But it wasn’t about me, because I had security; it was about my members. And they were traumatized by it. Some were on the floor; some were in the Gallery watching. Because of COVID we had to have our distancing, and those up there had to go under their seats for a long time. And then they had to do a belly crawl across the Gallery so that they could have a safe egress from the Chamber, because if they had gone out the door they were nearest to, the protestors were there. They were there, and they were out to harm people.

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