Police going around cities picking up homeless for quarantine

As the nationwide curfew is looming in the air; which will happen as many states already have deployed this policy. Police are going around major cities and taking the homeless of the streets for their ‘safety’. These people who live on the streets day in and day out have a immunity most likely stronger than ours. So whats really going on; getting spooky:

Anchorage officials eye ice arena as emergency homeless shelter as they brace for coronavirus impact

Anchorage city officials said Saturday that the Ben Boeke Ice Arena is the preferred location as an additional shelter for many of the city’s homeless during the rapidly unfolding coronavirus pandemic.

Anchorage is home to an estimated 1,100 people who live on the streets, or in greenbelts, parks and shelters. They often have weakened immune systems and are considered vulnerable to COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

Officials considered using apartments, vacant office buildings, recreation centers, hotels, modular trailers and other options. But on Saturday, Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s chief of staff said emergency planners identified the indoor ice arena on East 16th Avenue as the best option.

The city-owned arena will allow up to 200 people to sleep at least 3 feet apart as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for homeless shelters.

“We’re going to move as quickly as possible,” Jason Bockenstedt said.

Officials are working out plans for security, food and transportation, but they expect to have everything in place within days, he said.

At Brother Francis Shelter, the city’s largest emergency shelter for the homeless, many clients sleep side by side on mats on the floor with little to no space between them. The shelter has a maximum capacity of 240 and during Alaska’s cold winter nights, it is usually filled.

With Alaska bracing for what Gov. Mike Dunleavy called the “slow-moving storm” of COVID-19 cases, Ben Boeke as an alternative location for homeless residents should relieve some of the pressure on Brother Francis and other shelters. As of Saturday, there was just one confirmed case of the virus in Alaska, though authorities have repeatedly said they expect many more as time passes.

“We’re definitely going to need it,” said Lisa Sauder, executive director of Bean’s Cafe, the soup kitchen next door to Brother Francis Shelter in downtown Anchorage. “Following best practices of the CDC is always a good idea.”


Detroit to open coronavirus quarantine center for homeless

Detroit is set to open an emergency quarantine center for members of the homeless community should they exhibit symptoms of COVID-19.

The facility at 3737 Humboldt Street has 37 rooms and will have medical staff, Donald Rencher, director of the Detroit Housing and Revitalization Department, told the Detroit Free Press on Friday.

The quarantine center location typically serves as The Salvation Army Harbor Light’s Ellen Thompson Center, according to a release from The Salvation Army Eastern Michigan Division. The organization agreed to assist the city and hand over the facilities starting Friday. 

Current residents are being relocated to the main building on campus and no service interruptions are expected. 

The announcement comes as homeless shelters and aid workers gear up for a possible outbreak among their vulnerable clientele after more than a dozen presumptive positive cases were found in the state.

Aid workers and experts have pointed to citywide concerns, should an outbreak take place at a shelter with seniors, those with underlying health concerns and shared living spaces.

Following the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for self-quarantine for those sick with COVID-19, Rencher said he’s considered the unique position the homeless are in.

“Of course that’s going to be an issue with the homeless population because if they’re sick, there’s no place where you can actually self-quarantine because you don’t have a residence,” he said.

Rencher said the city moved to notify shelters of the $10,000 available to be reimbursed on Thursday and HUD announced the removal of red tape for the $1 million on Friday. The money will be available, as appropriate for needs, to the 17 shelters under contract with the city and other shelters that will be identified to receive funding as well.  


San Francisco will temporarily house homeless population who are infected with the coronavirus in RVs for self-quarantines

San Francisco will use RVs stationed throughout the city to house members of its homeless population who are infected with the coronavirus for self-quarantine.

According to KTVU, the office of Mayor London Breed announced the plan Tuesday. It will apply to people who’ve tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, who have been exposed to it but don’t need hospitalization and who aren’t able to self-isolate in shared spaces like homeless shelters, SROs, or on the street.

The RVs will be staged in the city’s Presidio neighborhood and can be placed throughout the city “as needed.” The city is also asking hotels if there are any vacant rooms for it to use as part of this plan, according to KTVU.


King County to create 3 new quarantine centers

King County International Airport: In a continuing effort to lower the number of people in our larger shelter locations and achieve the recommended social distancing guidelines (six feel apart), the Arrivals Hall at the King County International Airport (7277 Perimeter Road South) is being used to provide shelter for the men, typically older adults, who usually shelter at St. Martin De Porres in Seattle. This service began on 3/13/20, and last night sheltered 80 men, 55 years or older. This action will help prevent people from becoming ill in the first place.

Eastgate Parking Lot – A fully self-contained tent, with flooring and heat, has been purchased for use as an isolation and recovery location and will be placed on the county-owned parking lot located at 13620 Eastgate Way in Bellevue. The location will have 24/7 onsite security and health services staff. The site will be available in about a week.

Issaquah Motel (new acquisition): King County Facilities Management Division has finalized a lease of a motel located at 1801 12th Avenue NW in Issaquah. We are currently considering site uses that include expanding medical support for vulnerable populations or isolation for people who do not require significant social support services, as well as step-down medical care for people who do not require hospitalization to maximize available space in regional medical facilities.