The Magnetic Pole Shift…

A geomagnetic reversal, which is sometimes called a “polar reversal” or a “pole shift”, is a change in the Earth’s magnetic field such that the positions of magnetic north and magnetic south are interchanged. The Earth’s field has alternated between periods of normal polarity, in which the direction of the field was the same as the present direction, and reverse polarity, in which the field was in the opposite direction. These periods are called chrons. The time spans of chrons are randomly distributed with most being between 0.1 and 1 million years. Most reversals are estimated to take between 1,000 and 10,000 years. The latest one, the Brunhes–Matuyama reversal, occurred 780,000 years ago.But brief disruptions that do not result in reversal are called geomagnetic excursions.

Now you might ask yourself; when will the next one occur.. Well according to an article by Scientific American (2002) which claims that

The reversal may have already begun

Though the process can take nearly 5,000 years, the earth’s magnetic field periodically reverses. According to a report published today in Nature, scientists may have detected the beginning of the field’s next such reversal.

Motion of the earth’s liquid core, the so-called geodynamo, generates its magnetic field. Gauthier Hulot of the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris and his colleagues used satellite data recorded 20 years apart to track changes in this field. In two regions of the boundary between the earth’s core and the overlying mantle, the researchers detected a reversed magnetic field. In a section lying beneath the southern tip of Africa, the magnetic field points toward the center of the earth opposite to the dominant outward-pointing field of the Southern Hemisphere. And a second congregation of reversed-flux patches exists near the North Pole. Having modeled the growth and movement of these inverted-flux sections, they can now account for nearly the entire decrease in the main dipole field of the earth over the past 150 years.


Another article from Scientific American (2003) states that the

Earth could experience a magnetic flip soon…

Other investigators have seen real-world hints of why the reversals might occur. Earlier this year Gauthier Hulot of the Paris Geophysical Institute and his colleagues used satellite measurements to track changes in the field’s behavior near the top of the core. Far below the southern tip of Africa they found a small region where the magnetic field lines point peculiarly toward the center of the earth instead of toward the surface, as do the dominant lines in that region. A clump of similar patches exists near the North Pole.


Are they talking about a hollow earth? Well this website here gives a good description about the

‘Hollow Earth Theory”

For a long time I have been intrigued by the concept of the Hollow Earth. I remember reading Raymond Bernard’s book on the subject ( The Hollow Earth – 1979 ) in the mid 1980’s and felt a strong affinity for the whole idea. Next, I read a strange book called “Etidorhpa” by John Uri Llyod written in the late 1890’s about a person who traveled from the Outer Surface to the Inner Surface of the Earth and carrying when he arrived at the center of the Earth crust. But before I lose our readers, let me define what the Hollow Earth Theory states!

According to Mr. Bernard (see diagram above) our world is hollow, with the crust of the earth being 800 miles thick. There exists two openings at the North and South Pole, each hole having a circumference of 1400 miles wide. At the center of the earth is not a molten core but an inner sun which is six hundred miles wide and is 2900 miles from the Inner Surfaces. The diameter of the lip at the opening at the poles is 1200 miles long, thus a person can not see the other side of the opening.

Therefore, there exists three worlds on our planet, the outer surface, where we live, the middle earth which purportedly is lined with many caverns, tunnels (made by someone), Inner Cities and people who live there and lastly the Inner Surface. How Gravity works then is the following. For the people who live on the outer surface, Gravity holds them down. For the people that live in the middle earth, the closer they get to the center of the crust (i.e. – 400 miles down), the less effect gravity will have upon them. In the book, “Etidorhpa”, when this individual traveling down into the earth reached the center of gravity, i.e. where there is no gravity — he was able to move by the power of his mind, his heart stop beating and he didn’t need to eat. He described gigantic vegetation that lives under the earth as this lesser pull of gravity allows things to grow larger. Lastly for the people who live on the inner surface, they would also feel gravity pull on them to walk on this surface but since there is an inner sun (called the “Atoma”, by channeler Michael Kant who appears in Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed) they would have sunlight 24 hours a day. There is supposedly land masses and water bodies that exist on the Inner Earth, the same as the outer surface except the vibration and energy in the Inner Earth is more pure and of a higher vibrational frequency (some say a 4th dimensional frequency).

For people who have claimed to travel to the Inner Earth, they state that the people they encounter in this region are usually very tall. Some other individuals have speculated that descendants of Atlantis and Lemuria live in this Inner Utopia and therefore they are thousands of years ahead of us technologically and spiritually. Some others say that possibly the Mayans may have gone into this location as well, to explain where they disappeared. Again, according to our channeler Michael Kant, he claims that 12 galactic races came to our Earth long ago and created their first city underground in the 4 Corners area. Each race brought with them a crystal skull and body which contained the gentic coding of their race and cosmic knowledge. Six tribes decided to stay on the surface of the Earth and Six tribes went into the Inner Earth. Now all twelve tribe exist in the Inner Earth. It is also believed that other Extraterrestrial races may have bases in the Inner Earth as well. Michael describes in our book being taken by a Pleiadian Space Ship and given a tour of the Inner Earth.


Now a Article from 2005 claiming that the

Movement of the North Magnetic pole is Accelerating..

After some 400 years of relative stability, Earth’s North Magnetic Pole has moved nearly 1,100 kilometers out into the Arctic Ocean during the last century and at its present rate could move from northern Canada to Siberia within the next half-century. If that happens, Alaska may be in danger of losing one of its most stunning natural phenomena – the Northern Lights.

But the surprisingly rapid movement of the magnetic pole doesn’t necessarily mean that our planet is going through a large-scale change that would result in the reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field, Oregon State University paleomagnetist Joseph Stoner reported today at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, Calif.

“This may be part of a normal oscillation and it will eventually migrate back toward Canada,” said Stoner, an assistant professor in OSU’s College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences. “There is a lot of variability in its movement.”

Calculations of the North Magnetic Pole’s location from historical records goes back only about 400 years, while polar observations trace back to John Ross in 1838 at the west coast of Boothia Peninsula. To track its history beyond that, scientists have to dig into the Earth to look for clues.

Stoner and his colleagues have examined the sediment record from several Arctic lakes. These sediments – magnetic particles called magnetite – record the Earth’s magnetic field at the time they were deposited. Using carbon dating and other technologies – including layer counting – the scientists can determine approximately when the sediments were deposited and track changes in the magnetic field.

The Earth last went through a magnetic reversal some 780,000 years ago. These episodic reversals, in which south becomes north and vice versa, take thousands of years and are the result of complex changes in the Earth’s outer core. Liquid iron within the core generates the magnetic field that blankets the planet. Because of that field, a compass reading of north in Oregon will be approximately 17 degrees east from “true geographic north.” In Florida, farther away and more in line with the poles, the declination is only 4-5 degrees west.
The Northern Lights, which are triggered by the sun and fixed in position by the magnetic field, drift with the movement of the North Magnetic Pole and may soon be visible in more southerly parts of Siberia and Europe – and less so in northern Canada and Alaska.


Now above proves something that I’m going to show you right now… Now someone tweeted me this link and it’s a weird change that is happening in Arctic.. They are getting sunlight when they shouldn’t be..It’s like the sun is out of place… This has been reported by many websites and people on Youtube.. Including my Dad who notices a lot since he is up early and is outside most of the day..(Nature Freak) I’m telling you something is really wrong with the Earth….

North Magnetic Pole Moving Due to Core Flux

Earth’s north magnetic pole is racing toward Russia at almost 40 miles (64 kilometers) a year due to magnetic changes in the planet’s core, new research says.

The core is too deep for scientists to directly detect its magnetic field. But researchers can infer the field’s movements by tracking how Earth’s magnetic field has been changing at the surface and in space.

Now, newly analyzed data suggest that there’s a region of rapidly changing magnetism on the core’s surface, possibly being created by a mysterious “plume” of magnetism arising from deeper in the core.

And it’s this region that could be pulling the magnetic pole away from its long-time location in northern Canada, said Arnaud Chulliat, a geophysicist at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris in France.


Places are already reporting Magnetic field changes…

Just north of a truck stop along Interstate 80 in Battle Mountain, Nev., lies evidence that the Earth’s magnetic field once went haywire.

Magnetic minerals in 15-million-year-old rocks appear to preserve a moment when the magnetic north pole was rapidly on its way to becoming the south pole, and vice versa. Such “geomagnetic field reversals” occur every couple hundred thousand years, normally taking about 4,000 years to make the change. The Nevada rocks suggest that this particular switch happened at a remarkably fast clip.

Anyone carrying a compass would have seen its measurements skew by about a degree a week — a flash in geologic time. A paper describing the discovery is slated to appear in Geophysical Research Letters.

It is only the second report of such a speedy change in geomagnetic direction. The first, described in 1995 based on rocks at Steens Mountain, Ore., has never gained widespread acceptance in the paleomagnetism community. A second example could bolster the theory that reversals really can happen quickly, over the course of years or centuries instead of millennia.

“We’re trying to make the case that [the new work] is another record of a superfast magnetic change,” says lead author Scott Bogue, a geologist at Occidental College in Los Angeles.


Now could this change in the magnetic field make a difference in electronics? Lately there has been a lot of talk about electronic devices going ‘haywire’ and signal issues with most equipment including planes..

Clocks Jump 20 Minutes Everyday….

Currently the only “risk” of being in real office with a quarter of an hour in advance. But the curious fact in itself and, as was expected, the mystery now runs on the Net for over a week of Catania electric clocks, but also other cities of Sicily, are literally insane. Suddenly they begin to run even managing to go on 15/20 minutes a day. An unexplained phenomenon that has sparked the curiosity of two computer experts at St Microelectronics, the semiconductor corporation based in Catania. Francis Nicosia and Andrea De Luca is in some ways even the insiders. And certainly not easily suggestible. Speaking of them have discovered a problem in common, by return, shared on social networks. At that point, the discovery in Sicily are now hundreds of digital clocks that go faster than it should.

Source (Translated)

Magnetic North Pole Shifts, Forces Runway Closures at Florida Airport

The planet’s northern magnetic pole is drifting slowly but steadily towards Russia — and it’s throwing off planes in Florida.

Tampa International Airport was forced to readjust its runways Thursday to account for the movement of the Earth’s magnetic fields, information that pilots rely upon to navigate planes. Thanks to the fluctuations in the force, the airport has closed its primary runway until Jan. 13 to change taxiway signs to account for the shift, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The poles are generated by movements within the Earth’s inner and outer cores, though the exact process isn’t exactly understood. They’re also constantly in flux, moving a few degrees every year, but the changes are almost never of such a magnitude that runways require adjusting, said Paul Takemoto, a spokesman for the FAA.


Mega-Quakes Can Create Pole Shifts

Mega-thrust earthquakes like the ones that recently struck Chile and the Fukushima region of Northern Japan, can cause the magnetic field to flip. If a quake is strong enough there is evidence it may even set off a geological pole shift tossing the Earth off its current axis and killing billions of people within a matter of minutes.

This the grim picture painted by decades of research and evidence strewn from the peaks of the Andes to the volcanic shards lying off the Pacific islands of Hawaii.

Mega quakes, once thought to be rare events, are beginning to occur with increasing frequency. The reasons are several and among them are the changes in the sun, the region of unknown space the solar system has entered, the fluctuating changes in the geomagnetic field, and the disturbing changes in the Earth’s spinning core that some scientists are racing to understand.

Mega quakes not only change the region they occur in, but the entire planet as well. “Look at the Chilean earthquake,” Kaku said. “You realize it was so big it actually rocked the planet Earth. The axis of the earth shifted three inches as a result of that 8.8 earthquake. The day is no longer 24 hours; it’s been shortened by one micro-second. That’s how big that earthquake was.”


This is still a developing story…It’s only the beginning of future changes… We are not sure if you know anything but if you have more information please send it to We provided some links and videos below that this ‘pole shift’ and we will update this page as more information come available…


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