Weird Noises Being Heard All Around The World (Recent Videos)

These ‘noises’ have been trending on the internet in the past week, every time I look on the internet I find a new video. Now some theories are that these are viral-marketing videos for some upcoming movie or something? I have no idea if these sounds are real but I decided to create a simple collection of recent videos I found on the internet.. I will be making an entirely new post which will provide information to prove or disprove these videos, but for now here are the videos that I will refer to in the next upcoming post which Ill post within the next couple days:

Manitoba, Canada

Costa Rica

Chez Republic


Coklin Alberta Jan. 12/2012

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Inner Earth Ringing Tibetan Monks in spirit cave hear new sounds

How Earth Sounds from Space

‘Strange Sounds’ Heard WORLDWIDE — What Is It?!