Spielberg’s daughter chooses career in Porn & says her director dad approves

Mikaela Spielberg, the adopted daughter of the famed Hollywood filmmaker, says her father is “intrigued” by her decision to make solo porn videos and do erotic dance. She ties the unusual choice to coping with childhood trauma.

Mikaela, 23, who was adopted as a baby by the ‘Jaws’ director and his wife Kate Capshaw, says she broke the news about her current job to her parents over the weekend in a FaceTime chat. She adds they were “not upset,” but instead curious and supportive.

Mikaela is currently producing solo porn videos and she told The Sun in an interview that she plans on becoming an exotic dancer in the near future. 

Tired of work that wasn’t “satisfying” her soul, she says she turned to a job that lets her “‘satisfy’ other people,” but not in a way that makes her feel “violated.” She calls herself a “sexual creature.”

She also admitted in the interview to being sexually abused as a child — though not by anyone close to her family — which led to battles with alcoholism, anorexia and borderline personality disorder: “I was really out of control from about the age of 11 years old, even to up to two years ago.”

Mikaela is engaged to 47-year-old Chuck Pankow, whom she says is “supportive” of her career choice. The relationship, however, keeps her from actually engaging in porn that would require sex with another person on camera. 

“I feel like it would be a violation of my boundaries,” she says. However, she’s open to “fetish videos.”

Mikaela, who goes by the stage name Sugar Star, currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and is waiting for her sex worker license to come through. While she waits, she has temporarily taken down videos previously posted to the adult entertainment site PornHub.

Mikaela described her father as “literally like an angel” and the person who “nurtured” her creativity growing up. She says because of her past struggles, she expects her parents to look at her and her career now and say they “raised a really self-assured, young lady.”

Reactions to Spielberg’s daughter getting into a very different type of film has understandably been that of surprise for many. 

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