Suspect found dead of self-inflicted gunshot in killing of federal judge’s son – Nothing to see here

Federal agents and police are investigating whether a lawyer found dead in New York may be the suspect wanted for shooting and killing the son of a federal judge and wounding her husband at their New Jersey home, a law enforcement official said Monday.

Hollander gained a level of notoriety as a self-described “anti-feminist” lawyer, one who sued over ladies’ night drink specials, which he claimed were discriminatory. He also had a years-long case before Judge Salas in which he was contesting the government’s refusal to allow women to register for the draft.

The gunman showed up to Salas’s home in North Brunswick, N.J., on Sunday afternoon, wearing an outfit described to police as a FedEx uniform, law enforcement officials said. Both Mark Anderl, 63, a defense attorney and former Essex County assistant prosecutor, and Daniel Anderl, 20, a student at Catholic University in D.C., were shot after one of them opened the door for the gunman around 5 p.m.

The body, identified by sources as attorney Roy Den Hollander, was found on a property in the Sullivan County town of Rockland, near Liberty, which is in the New York Catskills. One senior law enforcement official says authorities are looking into whether there was a package or envelope addressed to the judge found near Den Hollander, who may have died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

According to law enforcement sources, investigators found material with Den Hollander on the California murder victim, as well as information about Judge Janet DiFiore, the chief judge of the state of New York. The FBI has been in contact with DiFiore to advise her of the finding.

The senior official said the FBI, US Marshals and police were at the scene, while a vehicle the man was thought to have been using is being searched at a nearby State Police barracks.

They are also investigating whether a gun found at the scene matches the one used to kill Judge Esther Salas’ son and wound her husband, law enforcement sources say.

(Den Hollander previously sued multiple NBC News anchors, as well as anchors from other networks, and alleged they engaged in an illegal conspiracy to prevent Donald Trump’s election to the presidency.)

Salas’ son and husband were shot at their home in New Brunswick around 5 p.m. Sunday. The 20-year-old son later died, while the husband was critically wounded.

Preliminary indications are that the husband answered the door and was shot multiple times; the son came running to the door and was shot as well before the gunman fled, the sources said. Judge Salas was believed to be in the basement at the time of the shooting, and she was not injured.

The motive wasn’t immediately clear. Authorities are also looking into whether Den Hollander is connected in any way to the July 11 death of a well-known men’s rights activist in California.

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