South Korean scientists conclude people cannot be infected with coronavirus more than once

Researchers in South Korea say it is impossible for the novel coronavirus to reinfect humans.

Multiple tests that ostensibly showed 260 patients becoming reinfected were the result of false-positive testing, according to the Korea Herald.

“The process in which COVID-19 produces a new virus takes place only in host cells and does not infiltrate the nucleus. This means it does not cause chronic infection or recurrence,” said Dr. Oh Myoung-don, a Seoul National University hospital doctor, during a Thursday press conference.

Testing kits could reportedly not distinguish between live traces of the virus and the RNA of the dead virus, according to Oh.

“PCR testing that amplifies genetics of the virus is used in Korea to test COVID-19, and relapse cases are due to technical limits of the PCR testing,” he said.

Last week, the World Health Organization warned against attempting to develop “herd immunity” to the virus, saying there is no evidence catching the virus could protect people from future infections.

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