Snitch hacker who betrayed Bradley Manning feels guilt, offers a neocon justification

Adrian Lamo tries to justify his snitching with he didn’t know if Manning would cost lives. He sounds just like Donald Rumsfeld. He’s a dirty low rat snake that no one should trust for 5 seconds. Nobody has died from wikileaks releasing information, but many have died from illegal wars. Adrian Lamo makes me want to vomit. He cannot even take responsibility for his own actions, instead he says it was a decision thrust upon him. Uncle Sam did not put a gun to his head. Ending the illegal wars would save countless lives but Lamo sided with the military industrial complex. I hope they rewarded you well Adrian…because no one would lose any sleep if you jumped off a bridge.

Adrian Lamo, the hacker who betrayed the alleged WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning to the US authorities, has said it would be to his “lasting regret” were the soldier to be given a lengthy custodial sentence.

Lamo, 30, dubbed the “world’s most hated hacker” for his role in passing information on Manning to military intelligence after the soldier befriended him on internet chat, said that he understood that Manning was an idealistic young man who believed he could change the world for the better and “who didn’t necessarily know what he was doing.

“I think about him every day. The decision was not one I decided to make, but was thrust upon me.”

Lamo’s comments come on the eve of the opening of a pre-trial hearing in the prosecution of Manning, who is charged with multiple counts of transferring state secrets to WikiLeaks including hundreds of thousands of US embassy cables. The hearing starts in Fort Meade, Maryland, on Friday amid exceptionally tight security.

Bradley Manning supporters hoping for an expression of remorse from Lamo ahead of the soldier’s prosecution will be disappointed, however. Despite the note of regret at a possible harsh sentence for Manning – the soldier faces a maximum punishment of life in custody with no chance of parole – Lamo said he continued to be convinced that he had done the necessary thing.

“Had I done nothing, I would always have been left wondering whether the hundreds of thousands of documents that had been leaked to unknown third parties would end up costing lives, either directly or indirectly,” he said.

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