Stashes Of Bricks Are Being Found In DC Near Freedom Plaza

Same Shit; Different Day – Someone provides the ammunition… and they get away with it every time

The D.C. National Guard will assist the Metropolitan Police Department with crowd management and traffic control, MPD’s acting chief, Robert Contee, said at a news conference Monday morning. The department is expecting a crowd larger than at two pro-Trump events in D.C. last year.

“Some of our intelligence certainly suggests there will be increased crowd sizes,” said Contee, adding, “There are people intent on coming to our city armed.”

Firearms will be prohibited within 1,000 feet of demonstration activity in Washington, D.C. this week, according to notices posted by the Metropolitan Police Department.

All firearms are banned within 1,000 feet of where the signs are posted ahead of pro-President Donald Trump demonstrations against certifying the electoral college votes for the 2020 presidential election, Fox 5 reported. Protests are expected at Freedom Plaza, near the capitol building and at the National Mall.

During a press conference on Monday, Mayor Bowser asked that local area residents stay away from downtown D.C., and avoid confrontations with anyone who is “looking for a fight.” But, she warned, “we will not allow people to incite violence, intimidate our residents or cause destruction in our city.”

It seems they are ready and will control the protests but why one day before the protests mysterious stashes of bricks are being found near a protest site.

Near Freedom Plaza stashes of bricks were left overnight.

We contacted several construction companies about procedures for unloading construction material.

The conclusion is that material is never just left out on the street, the truck comes in and workers unload it for multiple reasons first is insurance no one wants to be sued and second why buy it and leave it out to be stolen. Pavers come shrink wrapped on a pallet stacked. Never in bags like this. Also, you’ll need a permit to store materials on the street, and they would have to have some sort of barricade around them.

These bricks and other pallets of bricks in DC should be removed as they can be used as a deadly weapon if protests turn violent.

As we know bricks were used in the past riots by Antifa to riot and attack the police.

She also tweeted a video that shows stashes of Propane tanks on the streets which is strange, given the strict security in DC during the rally.

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