Strange Pyramids in Antarctica and Area 51 Have Disappeared From Google Earth

Strange Pyramids in Antarctica and Area 51 Have Disappeared From Google Earth

I watched an outstanding video on Youtube titledWhat’s Going On In Antarctic. The video provided a revealing tour of the bases on Antarctica. I had no idea there was that amount of “science” being conducted down there. Towards the end of the video he shows a pyramid at the Palmer Station. The pyramid is very intriguing and made me very curious as to why a pyramid would be built in Antarctica out of the public’s prying eyes.  Here is a picture taken from the video.

As I said, this made me curious so I downloaded Google Earth in March 2012 so I could see it for myself. Well, when I went to that location the pyramid is no longer there! Here is a picture from my 2012 Google Earth.


There are several possible explanations for the disappearance. The pyramid could have been photo shopped into the original video or out of the latest version of Google Earth. The author of the original video could have put the pyramid in the video to alert people to look at the Palmer Station more closely. I checked out their website and it looks benign but whenever someone is actively doing anything to affect the climate I am immediately concerned. The Palmer Station website is Please check it out.

Several days after seeing the above pyramid I ran across another article with a 3 sided pyramid this time in Area 51. Again out of the public’s prying eyes and knowledge. What are these for? This looks like it could be a phased array radar to me but why Area 51 and why a similar pyramid on Antarctica both well out of the public’s eyes. Check out the below photos with a 2007 date.

Of course I immediately went to Google Earth and tried to locate this pyramid with no luck. There were a lot of interesting things at Area 51 but I could not find any trace of the pyramid at the coordinates indicated on the picture or the surrounding area. See the picture below.

This is the same area as the previous pictures with no pyramid. This is from the 2012 version of Google Earth with an imagery date of 5/24/2011. My first thought was the first pictures must have been a fake albeit a very good one. Then I noticed something in this picture…  It may be hard to see in this picture but you can clearly see where they have spliced four picture frames together centered on where the pyramid used to be. On my Google Earth it is very clear.  This leads me to believe that someone has clearly changed Google Earth to hide the pyramid.

Does anyone have pictures that can confirm the pyramids in Antarctica and Area 51 from an older version of Google Earth or cache? If you do please post a link in the comments section.