Some Schools Abandon Traditional Grading System: Pass or Fail…

With parents suddenly thrust into the role of co-teacher during the pandemic, or students being left to their own devices while household adults try to do their own jobs, some public education schools are making it easier to students to pass.

With the stay-home executive order from governors across the USA in place until further notice, most public school districts still have been issuing paper packets for lessons or downloaded materials.

There’s still a fourth marking period, but students will not receive traditional grades. Instead, grades 1-12 “will be evaluated on a rubric based on completion of the remote learning assignments.” They will no longer see: (A,B,C,D,F) grades on report cards. The switch will most likely result in a pass or fail grading system.

There’s a new grading system based on the remote learning switchover since mid-March, according to Superintendents across the country.

“We continue to prioritize flexibility for our families while ensuring our students face no educational harm during this extended closure.”

This is complete bullshit, dumbing down of America.. This makes kids in schools lazy and uncooperative as many will be like why should I try hard if ill get a pass grade. This only helps the lazy kids who don’t try and will be doomed when they go into the real world. This is exposing communism to kids at an early age. What has happened to the world?