Does Syria have “sex tapes” involving Gulf leaders?

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KUWAIT: The Kuwait Human Rights Society criticized the fact that the situation of bedoons and domestic helpers in Kuwait have been excluded from revised labor laws. “Dec 10 is celebrated as the 63rd anniversary of the World Human Rights Declaration, and we in Kuwait must utilize this occasion to underscore those principles,” it observed. The society said, “it is no longer possible to avoid commitments towards these principles. We must not violate the rights citizens and expats, including bedoons.” The society added that the bedoon issue still worries ‘national conscience’ due to many years of negligence.

Also, former legislator Ahmad Al-Saadoun asked for a meeting to be held with the National Democratic Alliance and the Democratic Forum to discuss the election situation in the third constituency. Officials said, “Al-Saadoun wants an agreement between National Democratic Alliance and DM over Aseel Al-Awadhi and Saleh Al-Mulla only.

Sources said Al-Saadoun wants Liberals to promote only two candidates. However, liberals are divided over this issue for several reasons including the fact that Al-Saadoun was foiled their attempts to raise certain issues. This is in addition to the fact that liberals are committed to supporting Adel Al-Saraawi who is a member of the National Action Bloc(NAB).

Meanwhile, the Syrian President’s advisor Buthaina Shaaban has allegedly threatened to expose sex tapes involving rulers from Gulf countries. Shaaban briefed a delegation from the Syrian community residing in region after a meeting was held with Bashar Al-Asad. The advisor reportedly said, “officials from Gulf countries will be shown what ‘trump’ cards we have after we release their sex tapes to internet websites.

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