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If you thought the EPA was out there to help the citizens… Well you were wrong!!! Why did they just decide to raise the levels all of a sudden? Right around the Japan disaster? Seems like they are going to cover up the sicknesses that people will be getting soon due to the radiation….Already in Japan they have been getting rashes from this toxic stuff. When will the government come out and say that this stuff is toxic and slowly killing us in America..

A resident from Tokyo posted a video of his current issues with the radiation. The Japanese Government claims that everything is going to be okay. They already have banned people from drinking the water and eating some foods. They are in the process of moving everyone out of the area for protection. Too bad most of the people have been already poisoned with the radiation. They are telling people to cover their doors and windows with sticky tape to keep out the toxins. Like that is going to work?

This is breaking news people!!!! Japan is starting to evacuate people! They are telling the citizens to get sticky tape and close up their windows and doors. Well that’s not going to help at all!!! They are saying everything is fine but that’s not the case! The people of Japan only have a few choices of where to relocate but who knows if the radiation fallout will reach the entire world within the next month if they don’t do something about it!

It just seems that every disaster in this world takes forever to fix, Just like the BP oil spill…The governments don’t care about the well being of the citizens! Neither do the companies who are using this outdated nuclear technology with plutonium. This stuff is toxic!!