The Coronahoax Turned Into a Racist Rant

The coronahoax has many different parts, players and problems/solutions it’s hard to keep all of it in your mind and not be mad about it. The white vs black outcome has gone too far and it’s unfair to label all white people/cops as evil.

If you do a quick google search of white organizations; you will get limited results of actual helping organizations which are catered to white people. The bad part is, you get all the nationalist/supremacist organizations which google seems to liken the fact that if your white; you’re a supremacist then!

This seems to be the ongoing theme in the mainstream media and in our world at the moment. You have the terrorist organizations like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA who are controlling protests, riots and occupations of zones in shit-hole democratic run cities/states. Sorry to say they aren’t fighting for anything productive or for the greater good of America and the world. One Word= Scapegoats

The people who were first protesting the unconstitutional lockdowns were immediately labeled idiots by our media and were even arrested for protesting the lockdown peacefully. Parents were being arrested for playing in empty parks with their kids. No social justice was done by anyone to protest our rights being stripped. But after millions have lost their jobs, lives and even family members not one single person came into the streets to raise hell. But they were letting criminals out of jail because they were scared of them contracting the virus. Go figure…

But soon after a shooting of an unarmed black man, as in the media favorite words; we now have chaos which was pre-planned and used as tool to create a uncertain world where no one fights the true enemy of the people. The tyrannical governors and politicians who care about their agendas and about money. Follow the money! How is BLM and ANTIFA being funded; Dont be surprised that the deep state is behind his. As in my other posts you will like to know Hillary, Obama and Soros have their hands in this.

BLM can protest in hundreds breaking the rules of the governors lockdown orders across the nation and some governors did a walk with the protestors. What a sham, they have the nerve to play both sides of the story. It’s a shame what the world has come to because people are worried about whites being too privileged. lol stupidest shit I heard. Blacks get higher priority in college applications, some job applications and Affirmative action which was passed to help the discrimination.

No one talks about how Mexicans are/were discriminated for years about taking jobs of Americans. Specifically when the media was talking about Trumps border wall. Racism is everywhere but it’s not right to target anyone because you have to look in the mirror. BLM want whites to pay reparations, which is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Go out and get a job like I have to and most of America to pay for things. Just because your family could have been slaves doesn’t mean you should call for money to help you out now. That shit better not come out of my damn hard earned paycheck!

ANTIFA has implemented the reparations in their stupid community. 10 bucks to each black person from a white person. Lol You cant make this shit up. Bunch of liberal idiots who don’t know their elbow from their ass. I’m just tired of people looking down on white people, we haven’t done shit and 9 times out of 10 were the ones keeping shit together. People need to stop playing into the NWO bullshit and wake up. If it was up to these democrats and brain-dead protesters, America would be raped, pillaged and destroyed over night so they could implement a totalitarian communist nation who would imprison whites for being white.

America is being torn down by commie idiots who think social justice is needed. If everyone had their lives back to normal and jobs; things wouldn’t be so bad. Coronavirus was the biggest hoax pulled off globally. Everything has been planned and going right on track. They will try to push the anarchy till November elections. Why do you think most of the blue states still have massive restrictions? They also try to push the Coronavirus spikes now since more people aren’t being locked-down anymore.

Most of these protesters don’t even want to lift a finger to work. I’m not paying my hard earned money so some asshole kid can spend it on black lives matter t shirts or protesting signs. People need to wake up; we are living in dangerous times. They want police to be de-funded which is good for them; so they can destroy shit without being arrested. That’s why the NWO want’s you to give in your guns. So they can get their gangs out to create havoc. Now they been painting over the blue lines in towns which are usually by the police stations. Whats the big deal, I guess that blue line is offensive to these idiots.

How about taking down the statue of Black figures which is offensive to whites much like the monuments of history which were destroyed by protesters. No more confederate flags, or old movies/tv shows which could be offensive.. Just ridiculous! People need to stop bitching about everything and grow a pair of balls and get back to normal work and life. History is history; you cant erase everything and memories of those who lived life not worrying about black or white. Were all humans! We need our country back to become strong! Fight the NWO and fight those who are trying to destroy our families lives.

I want things back to normal, and no I am not racist! 🙂